Paul, London

Okay, hear we go, so we believe in God. We believe in Jesus. We believe that our prays will be answered. Well, here is my story:-

I am homeless, nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat, being turned away by all. Sometimes it would be easier to give up and die but we must have faith and believe that times will get better we must remember Joseph’s story at the bottom of the well, he rose up to be a king (me: well close enough in that he ruled under Pharaoh), I even remember baby Jesus’ story, homeless before his birth and now we wait for his triumphant return !

Now I met this lady, I don’t know her name, she said she wanted to pray for me ! I am a believer but I do struggle when I meet people who “out of the blue” wanna pray for me but on this occasion I let her pray for me. The moment she put her hands on me I felt an inner peace circulate my body that I had never felt before ! She started speaking in tongue(s) with every sound from her mouth piercing my body.

She told me that I had a lot of jealousy surrounding me which I have known since I was a youngster. I still wonder how she knew?

Anyway after her praying for me I have got a new job the next day, I have no option but to believe everything she says.

She thinks I am gonna be a Pastor in Africa sometime in my life.; Imagine a drug using, homeless man like me preaching in Africa …. I will update you !!!!