For years I have talked about how detrimental opinions are not only to ourselves but to those around us and how destructive the emotion of sympathy is. This is connected to a vision I was recently given of a persons heart with so many pins in it that I could only discern that it was a heart by its position in the chest cavity. The pins were of the little ball variety and each one was totally black, I have seen them before but not in such an abundance. Each of the pins pointy end was at a different length and width but was also as totally black as the head. When I removed the one from the person whose heart had been pierced in this way before, my prayer under the unction of the Holy Spirit was that it was a derogatory spoken word connected with the emotion of sympathy. You know, the do-gooders that drive everybody insane and try and push another back to the past and the emotions associated with any trauma and suffering, time and time again, even when you are healed of it. Continue reading “O-pin-ion”

Inspired Prayers

For every individual I encounter the Holy Spirit inspires me to give a unique prayer or have a different image in my mind that reveals an aspect of who they are and what God wants me to do in helping set them free to become more themselves. No two prayers or insights are the same for no two people on the earth are the same, there is no religious rule book. It took me years upon years of sacrifice, love (which is not what people think it is), persecution, learning, submission to the Holy Spirit, difficulty (most of which was unnecessary) to obtain the authority needed to pray the seemingly simple prayers that I spend 10-15 minutes speaking over people. Most of what I do is in the spiritual realm, about 90% of it is not heard or known of by the people that I am ministering too and it is connected to my authority in Christ Jesus as I have laid down my life to love and to His will alone. Seriously if it was up to my efforts and goodness and works or anyone else to become who God has said that I am or they are then no wonder that the Christian churches are failing the earth. It was brought for us at great cost. Continue reading “Inspired Prayers”

Truth, Grace and Love

 Isaiah 49:1-3 And He has made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of His hand has He hid me and made me a polished arrow; in His quiver has He kept me close and concealed me.

It came from wondering what these kinds of verses meant that made me ask the Father about the Sword mentioned here or the Word of God as a two-edged Sword and – what does it mean to us as Christians. The vision and knowledge came piece by piece that one of the edges is truth and the other edge is grace and that the blade itself is Love (I have yet to find out what it means in verses like Psalm 42:10 where it is used in unrighteousness). Having found that so many Christians were willing to speak the truth (though not necessarily in love, Ephesians 4:15) they never seemed to add the grace of God to that truth. Just as an example, Rhinos are being killed for their horns, this is truth, so if Love conquers all things why can it not conquer this cruelty based in barbarism and false knowledge, so we add the grace of God in prayer:- Continue reading “Truth, Grace and Love”

Called or Not ?

If God does not call me to do something then I genuinely just will not do it, if there is no God call then He will not empower or give the necessary grace or anointing needed to complete the task. So many are just moving in soul powered works that I see in the hearts of people idols or “gods” created by doctrines and have even destroyed one false heaven where a woman was “goddess” as her will – or who people think she is or represents – had been agreed with and given authority on the earth by those looking for a human or person to worship and pray too. I see in the hearts of people the idols that they have created to give greater authority on the earth than in submission to Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for the sin of the world that we might have opportunity to live a life of joy, not bondage to people and castles in the sky as they worship man or the gifts of man. People who move in this fashion, being obedient to or praying to a person rather than the Holy Trinity are losing authority, rapidly, your season to have dominance is over. Repent please. There is still time. Continue reading “Called or Not ?”

Prayer alert

Years ago I shared with people that I was going to start at dismantling the top level of evil in prayer and asked if others could start at the bottom for their regional areas. At this moment in time there needs to be a prayer and a fast of some sorts for key people and businesses in the earth. 100 days are what I have been given and each day I get a new name and stand in the gap and confess both the words and works done against the person or business that have not been of righteousness or connected to Gods will. Then I put it under the blood of the Lamb and watch the darkness flee after which I ask the Father to replace it with His light. Continue reading “Prayer alert”

Sacrificial Authority

Every person on the earth has a sphere of Authority – your personal space for want of another word. It is actually a spiritual sphere or ball and it goes from about 2

they put my (leader)ship in their bottle ...
they put my (leader)ship in their bottle …

feet above your head to 2 feet below the earth under your feet with the circumference that joins the 2 points. Over the years I have seen the link between this and the shields of the earth mentioned in Psalm 47:8-9 God reigns over the nations; God sits upon His holy throne. The princes and nobles of the peoples are gathered together, a [united] people for the God of Abraham, for the shields of the earth belong to God; He is highly exalted. A shield in its broader context means “a thing or person that protects” according to dictionary.com. Continue reading “Sacrificial Authority”

Vision or lack thereof

A number of people have attached themselves to my life and vision and this morning I saw a terrible sight, my path being tied up to a lot of other peoples paths img_7884with a death cord that will destroy my vision while they replace it with theirs with no good godly outcome. When I was caught spiritually in a city I do not belong too one pastor said ‘it does not matter how you get to your destination, by car, by bus, by train, just as long as you get there’ in hindsight he was meaning that he was going to dictate my vision and its journey. Now this man spiritually is very immature but because he was the pastor of a church that numbered over 1000 people others added their authority to his whim and fantasy, he considers himself to be my spiritual father but has, in the heavenlies, the holy godly authority size of an atomic speck on my fingernail. I am not his prodigal, not his anything actually. Continue reading “Vision or lack thereof”