Daryl Madden poem …

Night of the restless So much on the mind Exhausted from resting The morning we find A gaze to horizon In beauty of glow A drawing into Of something to know God of great glory Awaiting to send The way of His Spirit Let me now depend Re-center the focus Of soul to appear Take […]

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Daryl Madden poetry

A beautiful sight For the soul to see Two objects together Of simplicity An altar of wood A passion of love A bible at rest Opened above Man and divine Two sides in finding Here now connected Jesus in binding The Gospel is spoken That speaks of the One Loves ultimate price Gift of Gods […]

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Darryl Maddens peoms

Ocean of horizon Found in colors grace Journey of souls drifting To another place Grandeur of Creator Beyond what mind can see Losing of one’s self In to hand of thee Many waves of flowing Belonging to the One Gift of faith receiving Of let Your will be done God of greater glory Peace is […]

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Glorious the Bond — DarylMadden

She rests in meditation Deep within her prayer Intimate of dwelling With Your Presence clear Word before her opened Spirit flowing through Cherishing her soul Binding deep with You Light upon her shoulder Beautiful the scene Grace is on display Fragrance so serene Unseen light is seen Shining from above Glowing from within Displays how […]

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Darryl Madden poem

Sorry Darryl, when I share it on my page the format changes and it becomes this long line of words rather than the layout you have it … I have just copied and pasted it rather than share … regards Judi Crabtree


Through holy precious grace
Abide Spirit in me
Let this gift acknowledge
Sharing joyfully

In the face of darkness
A hope of glimmer bright
Word or deed inspired
As carrier of light

May the downcast open
See something through the soul
In fragrance of Spirit
Your love to fill the hole

Eye of deep compassion
Shine Your Spirit bright
Binding of the soul
Hope within the fight

Power of Your presence
Flow through us this day
Servant of Your glory
In a humble way

Prayer For Your Journey — DarylMadden

Let me pray a blessing Of journey of to be Showered in His grace May His light shine on thee One that grows soul deeper A view shone from above Spirit all surrounding Abiding in His love May you find in resting Burdens to release One of resolution Covered in His peace Gifts blessed of […]

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Reflections — DarylMadden

Oh God of wisdom Through Spirit of light You gift us reflections Of blessed insight One of the water In colors of sky In birthing and passing A view unify One of the mirror Past vanities sin Truth of the facing Confession begin One of life’s journey Faith to perceive Your providence viewing I come […]

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Daryl Madden – Listening Prayer

A poem by Daryl Madden

Oh Lord please let us be
In time of which to share
Let me enter into
A listening prayer

Let my voice be silent
Spirit descend here
Grace of precious presence
Light of love appear

Open ear of soul
Drawing of you near
Surrendering of me
Let your voice be clear

Spirit pray through me
As i disappear
Drifting into You
Soul now be aware