051I have asked the Father some interesting questions over the years and this little booklet is the result of that revelatory imparted knowledge. Given that our God is unlimited, I am sure this booklet will grow with time … please purchase for a donation on the contact page.  Thank you.

2000px-Five-pointed_star.svgThe Star of Bethlehem and what it means to be turned and encircled in the manner of the witchcraft symbol.



Different set of swords and sabers made like drawing in inkThe bible mentions the word of God being a sword in a number of places and being curious about it I asked, what did it look like and how did it function?



USD0632205-20110208-D00003Sometimes revelations catch me by surprise as the Father through the Holy Spirit reveals knowledge without my asking, I saw a mans heart as a diamond, it was half alight in the radiance of Gods glory. Why?


6cp6KMg9iPiano keyboards, primarily the white notes have been shown to me as a visual of our life’s journey, each revelation we have emits the frequency of sound necessary to ignite and alight the next step in our journeys.