Spiritual Warfare – please understand

you need to know you are in a war, there are keys to the kingdom in this video that will allow you to rescue and protect those that are being called of God, please pray, fast, read your bible and ask the Father in heaven to reveal what needs to change in your life to fight for those that are lost …

Genesis 3:15 – some more

that this bird did not fall to the ground puzzles me as much as your listening to gossip without verifying any of it or correcting me for it if you believed it to be true … of course they lied, they want to own the finances because your doctrines have made them ‘entitled’ to all that is promised to me …

I felt about 5-6 strikes on my heel the other day so, since you cannot control me through the lies the pastor from Riverview spoke about me you raced off to talk to my brother and his family and of course they repeated the 5-6 standard lines they have created, from before I was a Christian and from my ex-husband (who was spoken of as being a vindictive person by his own family in New Zealand) and from the effect their curses have had on my life. I actually had no idea that they where speaking such things about me, no one came and asked if any of it was true so it just went on and on. Anyway, they continued on in their slander because they have no choice, either I am what they say I am or they are graceless, useless, nasty, jealous, envious, vindictive, entitled, narcissistic, controlling, manipulative witches that I see their spirits to be … I did warn you to be careful about who you believed. My nephew has no prophetic gift, he tells you what you want to hear, which is revival will come when they speak out my words of wisdom. Nasty family, seem so nice but hearts as stone.

the answer is No, thanks anyway

let God bring into alignment those He chooses through the door in Austria … lest God build the house …

here are a few things that are and always will be NO  for me, so please cease cursing me to them either in prayer or in conversation, thanks and I deeply regret not coming out to Leicester Square at 9pm or 9am a week ago, please forgive me and can we try again

  • I will never return to Perth or Australia
  • my ministry is within a business, not a church so there is no need for a public Christian ministry teaching
  • I have no interest in joining any of the denominations, ever, I will gather people from within all denominations though so you will be represented
  • Allah and the Christian Most High God are not the same, cease trying to connect me to Islam
  • I deeply regret making inquiries to help me leave Australia and do what I am created for from those with more of a New Age/World order and agenda rather than keeping my requests to those with pure Christian ideologies and beliefs similar to my own, I just never found any Christians with an equal level of faith there that is the only reason I needed to leave
  • my family have no place in my life or ministry, keeping me in Perth destroyed any potential of knowing of any of them, they believed the pastor from Riverview and that was it, well done
  • my soul will rest in Austria, my spirit in Hawaii and I will only ever be a visitor to everywhere else
  • I am applying for an Ancestral Visa so that I can buy a home in Scotland and come and go from there, not England
  • subtly is not a form of communication that I can ever use
  • I am not observant, God will bring other people into my life who have that gift along with diplomacy and the myriad of other wonderful characteristics that I as one person do not need for my calling in Christ Jesus or my life’s destiny, I do not mind not being all things
  • nothing in my nature is Australian and at this moment I can think of nothing that is good in it, but I will bless you and release you from my God given places on this earth
  • I will not change my stance, New Agers are just another form of witchcraft and although I believe God has left an element of His truth in each religion so people can find Him, most of it originates in witchcraft and false deities, go serve with them if you desire, but do not come near me thanks
  • no Australian pentecostals (family included) have ever been called of God to be a part of what God has given me to do, never will be, cease trying or it will destroy you
  • I will help those caught in a homosexual lifestyle to get out of the trap if they are willing and desiring to overcome the evil that surrounds them, I do not think gay marriage or transgender issues have any goodness or holiness in them, the churches that agree to think it a God given alternative lifestyle are not ones I will allow into my life or have any say over or connection to what I do, you have been corrupted

Genesis 3:15

15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her Offspring; He will bruise and tread your head underfoot, and you will lie in wait and bruise His heel.

go find something beautiful and rejoice in God, not control other people …

There is always a sense of having my heel struck whenever a lie or deception is spoken out and I know that someone has gone, a couple of days ago, to the the Indian pastor formerly of Riverview and been foolish enough to get him to re-affirm the lie he has spoken out about me. There is a wonder in me as to why you bother, he will lie and lie and lie again, it is his native language, why do you not ask the Father in heaven since you lack the ability to tell if I am lying or this man is, but then again you are pentecostals and certainly do not follow biblical procedure on either correction or giving people the opportunity to say ‘Yes or No‘ to your ideas – you just curse them to it with life and death being in the tongue.

James 1:5 If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.

The outcome of not coming and talking to me since you were busy trying to sabotage my vision and destiny so that it was about you rather than about God and the will of heaven by trying to force it into being a about a public ministry, either singing or teaching from your pulpit – so you would gain the glory. I will share with you that you have no say over what I do, Christianity is a personal religion, we are meant to hear from God for ourselves what we are created for and I already knew, I did not need or want your input, I just needed to get to a safe place to love people from and revival would have come your way. You have listened to so many lies and exaggerations and things that have been under the blood for years that you have polluted my place in all the Commonwealth nations, well done, just masses of black clouds covering the entire regions and as soon as I remove them you put them back, so all that I am doing is removing your words and have not prayed for anything or anyone except to remove astral travelers and remove the curses you keep putting on my legs making them ache with your directional cursing, this is pretty much all I do in London, I have not prayed about any world events for ages, I am not in the right place and you have destroyed my authority here, all I can do is try and get out and that is all I am doing here, nothing else, I do not astral travel in with counsel to political people, witches do that, why do you think the world is a mess at the moment. Same thing happened in Australia, I did not pray for anything or anyone, just tried to get out of the place that has tried to destroy me … go away, leave me alone if you do not want to send me to where I belong, go serve those that actually know you are a pentecostal organisation and do not mind that you move in such powerful black magic.

Fake News, please forgive me …

I would deeply like to repent and seek forgiveness for repeating news that comes from the imagination of hell over the Catholic church. I would humble myself

thin ice … Matthew 18:7

before you and say that I will never repeat news items that have a disparaging nature as this is how my life has been treated for the last 17 or more years with ‘fake news’ in the form of gossip and slander and innuendo and directional cursing that no one has clarified or sought the truth about or even desired my Yes or No on and that has been extraordinarily destructive to me and to those that I should have encountered in the natural during this waste of life and time, I watched millions lose destiny as a result and the anguish of doing so was enormous. Peace and grace. Amen

Book of Judith Crabtree

This morning at 6 am London time I saw a number of people hold a little black book in their hands and in disgust throw it into the rubbish bin. It was created by those

it is interesting what man can build by his will alone, but it will never stand against the Will of God, REPENT

trying to direct my life and it was a guide on their expectations of how I was to live this life with the doctrinal hoops, jumps, pathways, agendas, snares, traps, agendas, lies, knowledge etc that have nothing to do with me and everything to do with antichrist activity that prevails in the churches at this moment in time. Anyway, this book is supposed to counsel others on how to promote me up into the life and vision that Father God has given me and how people where meant to treat me in regards to my vision and destiny. For me there has always been a simplicity and a lightness and joy with my journey had people made different choices and listened to God and not man. The book originated in Australia from people that have little or nothing to do with my life, including family members who know a little of my history but have no faith in the blood of the Lamb nor is there any grace in their mindsets and certainly no wisdom that I would bow to the authority of it. There are no relationships in Australia that have attached to me that have any form of beauty, health, wisdom, love, life, equality, freedom, faith, joy, bounty, righteousness, peace, wholesomeness, liberty – nothing in them that comes from heaven. It is all religious, burdened, hard, controlling, manipulative, misogynistic, domineering, conceited, arrogant, slanderous, malicious, lying, deceitful, jealous, back stabbing, covetous, childish, vicious, envious – basically everything that comes out of hell. Continue reading “Book of Judith Crabtree”

email sent in regards to AOG pentecostals of Australia

You have wasted the 10 years of grace and mercy I purchased for you … very silly …

Daryl Madden poem …

Night of the restless So much on the mind Exhausted from resting The morning we find A gaze to horizon In beauty of glow A drawing into Of something to know God of great glory Awaiting to send The way of His Spirit Let me now depend Re-center the focus Of soul to appear Take […]

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