Some things will never change …

The words of a song – that is just the way it is, some things will never change – has been going through my head for a while now and the people that believe these statements are those that consider themselves to be the leaders of the earth, those that would tell the rest of us where we should be, what we should do, how we should do it, and who we should do it with. They are very opposed to those of us that run to a different drum than what they have decided for us. Can I share with you, what you are doing is not working, it never has, except that corrupted people are in charge of those who are not corrupted. I guess that is the same as in Jesus day, the Romans and the Pharisees ruled the physical world as per 2 Corinthians 4:4 but that does not mean that it is good or it is working. Every time I get near the sons of England I just see a gilded cage and just because it looks good and shiny it is still a cage and do you really think I am ever going to fall for it? Or climb into it? I was intended by the Father to be a business woman and have some measure of success before I met you. Continue reading “Some things will never change …”

Directional cursing

There seems to be no let up on the directional cursing that others seem to continue in, even after all these years. On Sunday, at a time when we should be rejoicing in the Sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ and praising His name and lifting Him high that He would draw all men unto Himself, it was just directed at telling me what I should be doing and my supposed obligations to people and their will, spoken yet again from the pulpit where they are always 6 feet away from contradiction. Just to set the record straight, here are a few truths, spoken in love of course and grace will be at the end of all these statements that you might overcome years of moving in charismatic witchcraft and be set free from needing to be “god” to people like me.

  • I am not a pentecostal that I will ever come under their guidance or listen to their suggestions about my life and what I am created for, especially if it is never spoken to my face that we could discuss it, just tell me from the pulpit that I might learn “your will and fantasies”.
  • I have never had a Jonah type calling to Australia or the city of Perth, please forgive me for moving in small corrections towards your city and pentecostal organisations in that city as I have always been an outsider to the culture of both the churches and the nation itself. I do not like what you are and what you do and was just passing through and as such should have just left you in your mire and let you work it out for yourselves.
  • I have no need for a public ministry, you rise everybody up that has even the tiniest piece of wisdom into positions of authority in the church, even those that should be hair dressers and bankers. I am meant to be a business woman if I can ever get you lot out of my life that I might get on with it and I will teach from that position, not from within any religious organisation. I did tell you that was all that I am able to do at the moment, it is a full time job removing your words and curses.
  • I can do nothing from within the Commonwealth nations for my vision has been so corrupted within those nations that what ever I do will be cursed by those that want a different life for me, without telling me about it of course, just cursing me to it via prayers and using your people here in England, people I cannot tell to get lost because they are only the messengers and have no capacity to negotiate or authority to bring any change.

As to what happened in the spirit realm on Sunday – I just saw one of the pentecostal leaders from Australia who has taken a busybody interest in my life believing my gifts are for his use and the advancement of his doctrines and church around the world vomit out a lot of black water over the city of London, enough to cover the city and its surrounds in black ink like liquid. This was just a lot of directional cursing and I sealed it up under the blood of the Lamb, contained it by placing the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit and returning it to its place of origin and watch that leaders authority shrink until it was a pin prick and then disappear. Change your patterns and ask God to help you do so ….

James 1:5 [Full Chapter]

If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.

Truth, Grace and Love

 Isaiah 49:1-3 And He has made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of His hand has He hid me and made me a polished arrow; in His quiver has He kept me close and concealed me.

It came from wondering what these kinds of verses meant that made me ask the Father about the Sword mentioned here or the Word of God as a two-edged Sword and – what does it mean to us as Christians. The vision and knowledge came piece by piece that one of the edges is truth and the other edge is grace and that the blade itself is Love (I have yet to find out what it means in verses like Psalm 42:10 where it is used in unrighteousness). Having found that so many Christians were willing to speak the truth (though not necessarily in love, Ephesians 4:15) they never seemed to add the grace of God to that truth. Just as an example, Rhinos are being killed for their horns, this is truth, so if Love conquers all things why can it not conquer this cruelty based in barbarism and false knowledge, so we add the grace of God in prayer:- Continue reading “Truth, Grace and Love”

Good Will

A grief came into my heart upon seeing 3 Spheres of Authority  on the ground behind me in the spirit, the spheres where the good will that I was

to grow from a sapling to a tree requires the right nutrients, we are the same in our Christian journey. Most of the church is stunted.

meant to deliver to 3 different people here in London. The authority in them manifested as clear color, a translucent yellow, red and blue so it was completely pure, offered without agenda or greed or any selfish motive, a three fold cord of connection between those that I was unable to connect with in the natural. There is a constant game that is being played, and it has served no purpose except the enemies, and now all that good will, redemption, love and blessing is being let go of by me because I cannot carry it anymore. I am just a delivery person and I feel like the postman being made to hold a parcel that weighs more than I can carry waiting for the recipients to finish playing a game of marbles before I can give it to them. Continue reading “Good Will”

Reflected Glory

Years ago I saw in the spirit a woman who radiated light from the front of her being while her back half was black and dead like she was cut in half, on praying and asking God about it I found out that she only reflected the glory of the

this should be our attitude, finding the truth that the Father wants to give us, personally, not live off what others know … how boring …

person she worshiped she had no luminescence radiating out from her own holiness. There are a number of gifted teachers out there that we should take heed of and listen too, but never to the point of allowing their model of what “Christianity” looks like to overwhelm our own personal expression of who Christ Jesus is through us. We are not created to all be the same, there is no need – for all the people who have ever lived have not yet expressed the fullness of the Awesome nature of God. It is a bit like saying well I look good in the colour red so everyone else has to wear that same shade and variance of that colour that I do just because it suits me. We are all unique, why do you want to become like someone else for? Continue reading “Reflected Glory”


When a false accusation is made about me whether its form takes shape as a lie, false obligation, directional curse or to box me back into past sins which are under

Jesus Christ should be the driver of any unity train we chose to connect ourselves with .. not man ..

the blood, I feel oppressed, for oppression is linked with fraud and the statements that others are making are either lies, slanders, gossip, false obligations, false destinies or directional cursing. You must talk to the person you feel you have a word for whether is it correctional or directional, you must hear them say either “yes” or “no” to your accusations and suggestions for no one may command another, we all must obey the Lord our God. Some people are so fanatical about following another persons life that they do enormous harm, Derek Prince talked about charismatic witchcraft prayers, prayers prayed with people who did not have Gods heart and wisdom for them but their own. There are many Christians who have more faith in psychology and therapy than they do in God so they keep cursing another back to their past so they can get “help” for what God has already healed. Commonwealth nations culture seems to think that people do not overcome bad things, one or two other are the same. Continue reading “Dragon”

Sphere of Authority

The post on Sacrificial Authority covers a bit about our own personal sphere of authority which is the spiritual area around us and to my spiritual sight there

come sit … converse … Mt 18:16

seems to be a noticeboard of falsehood plastered on it. In the internal part of the sphere we can be polluted by our ancestors, a child is born into their sin, then by others in authority over us and of course our own sins and choices. The outside edge seems to pertain to what others have done against us in unrighteous words or works and it is this part I desire to focus on at the moment. Accusation lies on the outside edge of our sphere, untruths spoken by people with hidden agendas and I see their words written or the atmosphere of their accusations on this layer. Continue reading “Sphere of Authority”

Closing down blog

I have actually tried to close this blog, to delete it permanently from the face of wordpress but I was unable to do so … it just kept going and going, one of the

the bumblebee is united with his hive in godly unity and purpose, be united rightly  ..

reasons I desire to close it is copy right. There are people reading this who have no connection to the Father in heaven and therefore no capacity to write anything original or of holiness and beauty and just share from their pulpits verbatim what they read here. One pastor/reverend quoted the scripture below that the gospel is free and the knowledge that I bring to the body of Christ Jesus should not be paid for.

1 Corinthians 9:18 AMPC What then is the [actual] reward that I get? Just this: that in my preaching the good news (the Gospel), I may offer it [absolutely] free of expense [to anybody], not taking advantage of my rights and privileges [as a preacher] of the Gospel. Continue reading “Closing down blog”

Standing in the Gap

As an intercessor there are some emotions that I am allowed to stand in the gap for on behalf of others, just sharing someones grief over the loss of a loved one as an example, or heart ache at an unrighteous act. There is one emotion that I can

yellow is joy of the Lord, green represents new life

do nothing about on a personal level though, and that is fear. Fear is a barrier to knowing and trusting in the perfect love of God as expressed through Jesus dying on the Cross so that we could be made whole and free of guilt and sin. Fear is a barrier each of us has to push through in order to obtain that perfect love for ourselves, if I remove it then you would be left floundering. Just as a chick needs exert itself to break out of its own shell or it will not have the strength to live, so do Christians need to break through the fear barrier to become strong enough to live a life to the fullness of Gods will. Without this barrier before you by my removing it you will always just be a floppy spineless person unable to do anything in faith, push through, quote scriptures and wait on the Lord in faith for those scriptures to wash you clean. Continue reading “Standing in the Gap”