” … A Prayer Warrior, bold and strong for the Lord, will shout at the devil and not take any nonsense from him …”  these where the words that released me into the wonderful, joyous, exciting and extremely difficult world of prophetic intercessory prayer in my function as a Priestess within the body of Christ  Jesus.IMG_0938  If I told you it was easy I would be lying, the tests and trials are many and varied, some are even man made for when you are gifted and using those gifts, it arouses jealousy in some rather than joy and delight that the will of heaven is being opened up over other peoples lives, perhaps fully for the first time in their lives. In others it arouses a need to dominate the gift of God to be put into service to their will and desires rather than a liberty to follow and obey God.   What an incredible joy it is though, watching eyes clear from doubt and fear, sorrow fleeing as peace and assurance of the love of God comes in like the light that it is and chases away anything and every thing that would pollute and bring darkness to the soul.  Seeing demons flee at the command of the name of Christ Jesus and the works of the enemies of our destinies brought to heel and obedience by the Blood of the Lamb that cleanses us from all sin in all its forms and manifestations.  Sin just means missing the mark, sometimes as simple as turning right when you should have turned left, sometimes a very serious act against the will of God on the earth.  Sometimes it is the act of another or the sin of our forefathers, people sometimes share that something took them over and they did what was not of their own nature and true character to do, I have done this myself prior coming to a true and better knowledge and understanding of the spiritual realm, I was left wondering what the heck was I thinking? to do something or say something so silly?  Welcome to this website that is dedicated to the will of God coming to the earth in the lives of as many people that I can reach in love and joy and peace for the glory of the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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