Repentance please

Please change your patterns of praying, since I have returned the black swords to the authors of such controlling prayers I have a sense that some people cannot even walk properly or without pain – just as I have been for a while now, before returning to you the works and words of your own mouths and the consequences of

I pray the Father nurtures you on the food that is right for you and your circumstances … blessings

them. New Agers call these types of prayers binding incantations so everybody knows about them except ‘christians’ who believe they are ‘god’. You cannot direct someone elses life through prayer, you can share with them what you feel you have heard from God the Father in heaven for them and let them make their own choices, the church members are so busy being busybodies and moving in witchcraft when are you going to start doing what Jesus did? Let alone the greater works we are called to do. Turn your eyes upon Jesus Christ and the Cross that is the greatest gift of love mankind has ever received for by it, as soon as you repent of your works and change your patterns completely, you are forgiven. You are not forgiven to remain in your sin, grace is available to overcome and if you have trouble overcoming, tell the Father Yahweh that you lack the wisdom James 1:5 to know how to overcome and change your thinking and doing. Or ask for the Holy Spirit to settle on you so that you will have heavens understanding and be specific – like “Father in heaven I do not know how to pray prayers that honor You and bring the will of heaven into the lives of those that You have placed on my heart so that I can be a releaser of Your wisdom into their circumstances, bring them peace, love and joy so that they know You better and can draw near to You in the Name of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, may I bless them with bible verses that would be a lamp unto their feet so they know where to walk and what to do.” At the end of my prayer to return false prayers to the authors of them, I asked that it travel as far and wide as the authority He has gifted me with, and have seen people who made a life decision to control others, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Black Magic witches, New Agers etc – it does not matter, some are falling flat on their faces so painful are their legs, I am praying that the Father will reveal His Cross and light in the spirit realm to all of them so that they can know the love of God and abandon such practices. Blessings and peace … Amen

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