Red Dragon

While praying in church last Sunday a Red dragon was seen at the front door of that church in the spiritual realm and the Father wanted me to share with others some insights

perspective – In Jesus Christ we see situations as they truly are not as we imagine them, there is no need to fear, He has won …

that He has given about dragons.  These ideas are not conclusive and I have not had discussion with anyone else in regards to this knowledge nor have I learnt it from anyone else, so input and ideas would be wonderful that the little portion of the picture that I have may be added to other peoples little pictures so that in the end we might see the master piece of the manifold wisdom of God and know how to defeat our enemies in a completeness that would usher in the 1 000 year reign of Joy that we are all looking forward too. The dragon that I saw was not the one that is referred to in Revelations, it had one single head and no crowns or diadems and was without horns, this made him a bit easier to defeat even though it was to the height of the steeple (about 60m).

Revelations 12:3 Then another ominous sign (wonder) was seen in heaven: Behold, a huge, fiery-red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven kingly crowns (diadems) upon his heads. AMPC

This is a list of insights on the nature of dragons and if anyone has other insights or understanding or wisdom we would all appreciate it:-

  1. They are created by unrighteous covenant agreement with more than 6 or so people who have authority
  2. They increase in authority through talking with others, if those people do not say “no, that is wrong” to what is said then their agreement is added as a “Yes” just because you did not say “No”
  3. The dragons size is relative to the number of people the originator of the deception can get to agree with them
  4. Good people get caught by good ideas, so even some of those that have covenanted with the dragons doctrines, mindsets, attitudes etc can still have the love of God in them but it is covered over by this sin, they cannot function as God intended, the tares and wheat remain together
  5. Red is the color of sacrificial love and as with all things of God satan imitates what the Father has created or who He is. The supposed love that manifests through this dragon comes in the form of control and manipulation, concern, worry, fear, superiority, false guidance, spirit guides, watcher spirits, mischief, theft, trickery, dominance, witchcraft, blocking goodness, lies, deception, burdened, fearful, demanding, moves in legalism, complex, Sims games, constantly regurgitating the past to control you through it, even a made up past or one that already is covered with the blood of the Lamb etc …
  6. This particular dragon has been created by those desiring a different life for me than what the Father has called me to have, it comes out of West Australia and would try and call me back to that place even though I have shared for years, it is not my God given place, nor are the people my people, that I have no vision for the city at all, they rejected my word, completely, so no matter what I say they cannot hear it, their mindsets are concreted in their heads – everything I offered to do to help they never spoke to me about it to ratify it through verbal agreement so it died after 2 weeks. Let it go, seek another prophet but not one who links your ministry and destiny to mine, and if you wish to give you must give to where I am at, I will not return, it would serve no purpose and even if you did manipulate me to the pulpit I would just say I have no word from the Lord for you that will help …

Prayer – Father God if I have aligned with a will other than Yours and the will of heaven I would like to confess this before you now my Savior and ask that You cut off from me any unhealthy soul ties that connect me to others in unrighteousness and to manipulate and control another child of God to our will, especially if it has contradicted what You have shown the other person. In Jesus Name, Amen

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