Sphere of Authority

The post on Sacrificial Authority covers a bit about our own personal sphere of authority which is the spiritual area around us and to my spiritual sight there

come sit … converse … Mt 18:16

seems to be a noticeboard of falsehood plastered on it. In the internal part of the sphere we can be polluted by our ancestors, a child is born into their sin, then by others in authority over us and of course our own sins and choices. The outside edge seems to pertain to what others have done against us in unrighteous words or works and it is this part I desire to focus on at the moment. Accusation lies on the outside edge of our sphere, untruths spoken by people with hidden agendas and I see their words written or the atmosphere of their accusations on this layer. Continue reading “Sphere of Authority”

Closing down blog

I have actually tried to close this blog, to delete it permanently from the face of wordpress but I was unable to do so … it just kept going and going, one of the

the bumblebee is united with his hive in godly unity and purpose, be united rightly  ..

reasons I desire to close it is copy right. There are people reading this who have no connection to the Father in heaven and therefore no capacity to write anything original or of holiness and beauty and just share from their pulpits verbatim what they read here. One pastor/reverend quoted the scripture below that the gospel is free and the knowledge that I bring to the body of Christ Jesus should not be paid for.

1 Corinthians 9:18 AMPC What then is the [actual] reward that I get? Just this: that in my preaching the good news (the Gospel), I may offer it [absolutely] free of expense [to anybody], not taking advantage of my rights and privileges [as a preacher] of the Gospel. Continue reading “Closing down blog”

Standing in the Gap

As an intercessor there are some emotions that I am allowed to stand in the gap for on behalf of others, just sharing someones grief over the loss of a loved one as an example, or heart ache at an unrighteous act. There is one emotion that I can

yellow is joy of the Lord, green represents new life

do nothing about on a personal level though, and that is fear. Fear is a barrier to knowing and trusting in the perfect love of God as expressed through Jesus dying on the Cross so that we could be made whole and free of guilt and sin. Fear is a barrier each of us has to push through in order to obtain that perfect love for ourselves, if I remove it then you would be left floundering. Just as a chick needs exert itself to break out of its own shell or it will not have the strength to live, so do Christians need to break through the fear barrier to become strong enough to live a life to the fullness of Gods will. Without this barrier before you by my removing it you will always just be a floppy spineless person unable to do anything in faith, push through, quote scriptures and wait on the Lord in faith for those scriptures to wash you clean. Continue reading “Standing in the Gap”


It is such a wonderful thing to see the body of Christ Jesus standing in the gap and confessing the sins of previous generations and setting the land free. There seems to

clean out the garden and make it pure for the return of Christ Jesus …

be one thing lacking, that is the confession of the emotions that go with the sins. If a murder occurred in the past and you have asked God to release his angels to clean up the spilt blood and confessed the sin of the murder itself then you also need to confess the emotions that surround such an activity, this is the black cloud that flows through London, emotions that will not be found in heaven. The emotions that where raised out of that sin – fear, intimidation, anxiety, aggression, jealousy, hate, malice, vindictiveness, nastiness – what ever motivated the murderer and what ever emotions the victim felt. As you stand right where you are, just ask the Father to reveal to you what emotional sin occurred in the place you are at. Sometimes you will feel the same emotion, sometimes a vision in your mind will reveal what happened, or you will just hear the name of it like fear unbelief doubt hate envy etc. Continue reading “Emotions”

Has Science Discovered God?

It is fascinating how God brings information and people together and joins random information into becoming a whole wonderful new idea. One chance encounter that I have had recently was with master mathematician and he shared that he is looking into our DNA to see if caring is coded into our genetic make up. I referred him to the godly diamond post from way back when and said yes indeed. We are created for good works that the Father has preordained us to do, our hearts have been downloaded with every gift and capacity to gain the necessary understanding and knowledge, wisdom and insight, strength and endurance to chase after and complete that we where made to do. But that it is our choice if these things downloaded into our hearts manifest themselves into our lives, if we chose Gods good plans and path, then yes, if others hinder our lives as Cain did Abel or we make choices to be in an emotional sin, greed, jealousy, vindictiveness, malice etc then we shut down that gene that the Father gave us at birth to become caring, or loving, or protective, or have wisdom, or nurture etc. It is fascinating to me that in the video the language that interpreted the DNA message is Aramaic. This is Jesus home language, he may have spoken other languages but this was what he spoke over the dinner table. This also happens to be my supernatural language, I asked a linguist and had a Muslim woman ask me how did I learn Aramaic as it is still spoken in a small pocket of Northern Africa. Imagine the conversation the Father would have with these people if I could get to speak with them and if they had a linguist with them. The interpretation of this tongue when I speak it is usually done by myself, I asked for the duo gifts as I knew I would be alone for a period of time and a tongue must be interpreted if it is spoken in company. Sometimes the interpretation is in vision form, mostly words but I know that what I share and what I speak are not necessarily to a fullness of the language as it is simplified for our understanding – but the authority of that word remains. Enjoy the video, conversation and expansion on this subject would be welcomed.