testing number 800

Years ago a man decided that everything I did I needed to hear from “god” about and be directed by “him”. Since the religious leader is of a denomination that I have little interest in or understanding of the doctrines that they have (that are to me not biblical or Christ-like) I did not take much notice. Unfortunately for me everybody else did, even though I told them that they should have conversation with me on neutral ground and we could each bring our own knowledge and come to some sort of wisdom about MY life and journey. Instead they have attained the will and agreement of good people, even though I have said that I would fail such testing every time they tried it because it was not of holiness or goodness (indeed millions have lost destiny and life since this game began) so, here we are at testing number 800, must be some sort of milestone and perhaps worthy of some sort of celebration. So, have a beer on me, but since I am homeless living in London you will have to buy it for yourselves, and cheers to the next 800 testings I am going to fail because it is not of God, at all. Peace and grace to you and I forgive you every time you do this, not sure why you are continuing, I have no place in any of the Commonwealth nations (South Africa and Jamaica included) nor any authority there, I can pray for them once I am safe.

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