For years I have talked about how detrimental opinions are not only to ourselves but to those around us and how destructive the emotion of sympathy is. This is connected to a vision I was recently given of a persons heart with so many pins in it that I could only discern that it was a heart by its position in the chest cavity. The pins were of the little ball variety and each one was totally black, I have seen them before but not in such an abundance. Each of the pins pointy end was at a different length and width but was also as totally black as the head. When I removed the one from the person whose heart had been pierced in this way before, my prayer under the unction of the Holy Spirit was that it was a derogatory spoken word connected with the emotion of sympathy. You know, the do-gooders that drive everybody insane and try and push another back to the past and the emotions associated with any trauma and suffering, time and time again, even when you are healed of it. “I feel your pain” would be their catch-cry as they curse you to the emotions that they think you should still have given the circumstances that you have overcome. This is why the balls are black, a spoken word curse that brings death and replays the pain constantly. Anyway, this is truth so let us add some grace to it in prayer. Blessings Harry, you have no need to constantly be in turmoil and in sufferance all the time like you are stuck on a broken record player that keeps on going around and around. So In Jesus Name I render every sympathetic word that would control your emotions in such a profound manner and drag you back to the past so continuously to be under the blood of the Lamb that cleanses us from all sin (missing the mark) that others have spoken out over you either in prayer or in conversations with others to garner agreement authority to make the curse more powerful and pull them out of your heart as they are illegal in heaven and we decree and declare that these pins that are derived from the opinions of man are illegal here on earth in your life. Love, joy, peace, health, wisdom, redemption, healing, restoration, wholeness, Shalom and any and every good thing of the mind and emotion are already loosed in heaven and in the Name of the Father who loves you so much and under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit to pour out the oil of healing and revelation to you in body, soul and spirit and the blood shed for this sin by Our Saviour Jesus Christ, we declare that these good things are loosed and declared legal in place of what was there previously and may the light of heaven beam out of you to every good work that you are created for. In Jesus Name, Amen. Father, I ask also that this prayer will extend as far and as wide as Your authority through me will reach, every person affected by these pins Lord for it is a work of unrighteousness done against them and not of their own sin, Amen. (Matthew 16:19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose (declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven. AMPC) 

We do reap what we sow and if our opinions towards another are negative and of a bad emotion (like sympathy) that are seeded in controlling, manipulating and born in hatred, anger, malice, superiority, jealousy – and all the rest – then our words impact and harm the person or place or event to which it is focused on. Those that move in such a pattern are losing authority, even the gossip mongers, your own words are destroying you.  18:25 pm. 24/06/17 … I do not move in miracles but healing, always 2 weeks after a declaration … enjoy …

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