This is the way it is always done …

Keep doing the same thing and you will keep getting the same result, log stuff guys, you need to change your patterns of thinking and doing and seek the Lord Jesus.

Years ago I heard a story about a woman who cut the ends off her ham leg before cooking it and when her husband asked her why did she do that, she just said that is what her mother did. On asking his mother-in-law the same question he got the same reply, so, he went to the grandmother of his wife and asked her. The reply he got was when she cooked ham for her family her pot was so small it could not contain a whole leg so she cut the ends off to fit. Sometimes things are done because that is the way it has always been done.  What if the pattern is of no use or value and does in fact – waste the ends of the ham – or not have any real purpose except as an ancient Freemasonry ritual or something based in religious doctrines that have manipulated scripture so that gifted people will be hobbled by those desiring to direct another persons life down to the ideas of man for their purposes rather than the will of heaven.

A case in example the pattern of my life was to take a completely different order than the unproductive one it has been forced down. It is just down to a series of “testings” that I told people I was not interested in or needed to do years ago, I had already been proved by heaven to have all that I needed to fulfil the vision given me, and that this is a waste of life and all that you are doing is preventing me from having the peace that I need to get people out of bondage and to become the head so that I could avert tragedies like what has happened at

It is like being kept in the White tower under religious torture

Manchester by taking away the spiritual authority that has allowed a physical act. Instead I am the tail and come in afterwards to clean up what has brought me to my knees in deep sorrow. It was not Gods will. Ever. There are two religious leaders that others are being directed by in regards to the manner that they treat me. One desires to bring me to fame, the other desires to bring me to fortune. These are not things that I have ever had a personal desire or ambition for, if they occur as I do the will of God then so be it, I do not mind. My personal ambition is to be in a safe place in order to love people to the fullness of Gods will and restore them to who and what their maker has said that they are.

If this ambition does not seem enough for you then perhaps you need to go and find someone else who’s ideas about life and living match your own then you can sit in your super spiritual little circle and keep on doing what is not working or improving the world at all, and is in fact harming those that have capacity and authority to bring change but only if they can do it in the manner God has given them. 

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