Called or Not ?

If God does not call me to do something then I genuinely just will not do it, if there is no God call then He will not empower or give the necessary grace or anointing needed to complete the task. So many are just moving in soul powered works that I see in the hearts of people idols or “gods” created by doctrines and have even destroyed one false heaven where a woman was “goddess” as her will – or who people think she is or represents – had been agreed with and given authority on the earth by those looking for a human or person to worship and pray too. I see in the hearts of people the idols that they have created to give greater authority on the earth than in submission to Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for the sin of the world that we might have opportunity to live a life of joy, not bondage to people and castles in the sky as they worship man or the gifts of man. People who move in this fashion, being obedient to or praying to a person rather than the Holy Trinity are losing authority, rapidly, your season to have dominance is over. Repent please. There is still time. The idea that I should correct and rebuke people and churches is false. The Holy Spirit does that in gentleness to those longing to grow and mature if they are humble enough to sit quietly and listen. My son came up to me as a three year old and told me he does nothing wrong, my words would have hurt him had I listed his failings, so I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to  him. He came back a little while later and said that he had done some things wrong, I asked if he said sorry to God and received forgiveness for it, he said Yes. You want me to get out the whip of Jesus out and correct your demonic culture? If I cannot bless you to hear from the Holy Spirit in the same manner I did my son, there is nothing more I can do for you, the revival in the New Hebrides, the one I am trying to pattern, had people being convicted of sin in the fields or work places. This is my pattern, you want to be corrected by me? You are really weird people, really really weird … gentleness is an attribute of Christ Jesus it is the one that you have crushed and squashed in your so called strengthening of me.

Revival was to come upon the nation of Australia in a wave upon those that love and sought the Lord with all their hearts, minds and strength and with such a wide spread sweeping motion that all who where humble would have been moving in the greater authority and doing the greater things that Jesus said we would have and do. There would have been so many being used of God that no one could be exalted above another, to many gifted people to chose from. John 14:12 I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, if anyone steadfastly believes in Me, he will himself be able to do the things that I do; and he will do even greater things than these, because I go to the Father. It would have been an across the board revival, all denominations were called to join in the song that was being sung through out the universe of the fullness of the will of heaven arriving upon the earth in that region, revival was to have followed where sin was removed, but people put sin in front of me by their choices, by trying to force me to bless those that they said that I should bless rather than being allowed to bless those that the Father put before me. A $3 million dollar farm in Junee NSW was offered as a bribe so that I would bless one particular political party over another and I just saw puppet strings, it was not a gift, but the purchase of my “useful” gifts. I am a person, I am not my gifts, I require conversation, not domination. The same thing is happening here in London, they have allowed Australian ideas into this nation trying to dictate where I go too, which nations I put my foot on and who I am to take with me. Physically I am to put my foot down in Egypt, all the Middle East countries, including Israel(my love) and Afghanistan. My spiritual home is Hawaii and it is my place of rest, my soul home is in the Scandinavian countries or the Germanic nations, these suit my nature as I do not think subtly is a form of godly communication. Nor do I think the idiocy that I am being strengthened while being caught unrighteously in any of the Commonwealth nations has anything of the will of heaven in them, you are just wasting my time trying to make me go to Africa or go into full time ministry or to have a singing career. Your will does not matter to me, but the effect of your constant delays in what I am created for has destroyed my place in your culture. A free will gift was all that was required and just send me off in the Apostolic authority that the Father has given to me. I have only a certain amount of time on this earth, you have wasted my time that was meant to be spent with you by this game playing of domination. I think it best if I remain single also, I have yet to find a man who is desiring to re-establish what Adam and Eve where created for in an equal free relationship and desire a Psalm 45:11 type relationship instead with masculine dominance in its full agenda. I am puzzled why no one wants to just love and enjoy and rejoice and have freedom to be themselves with me, just as I am longing to be myself again not having to fight all the time, the antichrist is a seducing spirit and there is more than one. Stop trying to seduce me off my God given path. Lightness and Joy are attributes of the Holy Spirit, you are just so heavy and oppressive that at the moment you work for the other side. Peace and grace and change your patterns please.



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