Help to get your Own Vision

So many have attached themselves to my vision that I realize there is a lack of teaching and knowledge and indeed love in the Holy Spirit in churches to release an ability or knowledge on how people are to get their own. When I became a follower

If you copy or attach to someone else’s vision your life will only ever be a faded reflection of them and their life, not you or yours.

of Christ Jesus I said in my heart that I would follow Him “no matter what” and sought my own vision from Him alone, just as Paul did. He went off alone for 3 years, pursuing the Lord his God with all that he was. Every person who has ever been used powerfully of the Lord has done so, they did not pursue people, they did listened to their wisdom in their journey through the filter of the blood of the Lamb, but mostly sought God to be their teacher and the author and perfecter of their faiths, not man. Isaiah 54. I guess the lack of vision could be a product of allowing another to be “god” for you, some churches actually tell you that you must obey the pastor in such matters, a pastor is there to guide you out of sin, not direct your path to their will and unrighteousness, especially by manipulation and control which is just witchcraft. Telling you who you are, giving you their visions and prophetic words for your life, perfecting you to their idea of perfection.

Everyone knows that there is an enormous price to be paid to follow the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and spirit and some just do not desire to pay it, it is much much easier to let others do the hard work and live in their reflected glory. It is like a spot light upon them from one who the light of Christ Jesus shines out of and they look good when with good shining godly people so others cannot easily recognize who is alive and who is dead in Christ Jesus. God knows though and He wants you to fulfill your part in the earth in love. A by-product of this that there are some enormously gifted people out there who have been trained to be reflections of their leaders and teachers or bible college rather than being themselves and they actually start sounding like them, you become like the ones you spend your time with – Proverbs somewhere – so spend it with Jesus Christ then you will become yourself. A mother once boasted about one of her children, in her voice it sounded like God was so small that only one of her numerous children could have a powerful destiny in Christ Jesus and the rest of them where just relegated to varying levels of obscurity. How small is your “god”? Will you allow Him to be a bit bigger? There is something in me that says for all the millions and trillions of people that have lived on the earth since Adam and Eve we have not yet expressed even an atom of the fullness of Gods character, knowledge, wisdom or fullness of

see the distortion in the copy? We can never be other than who we are if we want to follow Christ Jesus.

who He actually is. Let your God be a bit bigger. You have to really want this, you have to be prepared to obey straight away. Smith Wigglesworth would stop what he was doing every 15 minutes and speak in tongues, read a bible passage, sing, do anything that would refocus his mind, realign his spirit and bring the light of Christ Jesus into where he was physically. The anointing on some of his sermons that have been made into books is still incredibly powerful, and the autobiographies that tell of God flowing through him to the raising the dead, healing the sick with just his shadow falling on them like Peters did. I really recommend reading some of his works, the ones the Father leads and draws you to only if you desire to have a similar dedication and want to impact the world as he did. Grace.

Father God we come humbly before Your throne and just ask, please, rescue us from the obscurity we have allowed our lives to become by not pursuing holiness and righteousness in the Holy Spirit, not pursuing Your vision for us and allowing another persons ideas to dominate our paths and life and journey. We please ask You to clear off our paths of words and works and ideas that are not having You as its origins, realign us in body, soul and spirit to the will of heaven by the blood of the Lamb that cleanses us of all unrighteousness that our destinies would be as you have preordained it to be and we give to you our free will that heavens will can match up with it. In Jesus Name. Amen. We ask that you would give us dreams and visions in the night seasons and that any part of our souls and spirits that have become dark under the doctrines of man would be blown clean by the breathe of Your Holy Spirit and that we will feel Your love rise up in us and that we would be seated with Christ Jesus in the heavenly places so that we can have Your perspective on our lives and destinies. Amen.

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