Prayer alert

Years ago I shared with people that I was going to start at dismantling the top level of evil in prayer and asked if others could start at the bottom for their regional areas. At this moment in time there needs to be a prayer and a fast of some sorts for key people and businesses in the earth. 100 days are what I have been given and each day I get a new name and stand in the gap and confess both the words and works done against the person or business that have not been of righteousness or connected to Gods will. Then I put it under the blood of the Lamb and watch the darkness flee after which I ask the Father to replace it with His light.

I see generational sins coming off their life lines, a life line can be generational for a person or for the life of the business and I have been gifted with the authority to limit the time a sin can hold a region, in fact to all who would stand this day without fear and in true unity that comes from relationship with our God rather than the soulish domination and connection that passes for unity at the moment. As the body of Christ Jesus prays we can bring the authority of ALL generational sins, no matter the source, back to the 3rd and 4th generation as it is just a legalization that has extended it further than that. So witches who use the authority of a sacrifice made thousands of years ago can lose it, altogether, and I am watching a large number of people on the earth become less and less and less powerful and large in authority and in spiritual stature for sin has had such a powerful sway over the earth because the churches are polluted with New Age doctrines and are not seeking holiness as they used too. So, religious people are also losing authority. As they do so, authority is being given to the righteous leaders and I watch those called and chosen of God as a Royal Priesthood expand their spheres of authority and grow in spiritual power. Years ago a group of Christians decided that they wanted to join with me on my journey, I tested them and in the spirit we had a meal, during the meal the local principality showed up, a large dragon, they jumped up and in a disorderly frightened manner abandoned the food and destroyed the table in their desire to flee from their local enemy. Their own sins created the dragon that confronted them at that meal and if they where unwilling and indeed frightened enough to stand with me against the smallish dragon created as a result of localized societal sin and refused to repent on behalf of their own city then they would have been useless and a hindrance in helping me confront the Princes that I have been dealing with. Nothing against Daniel, he was holy and much more than I will ever be in that arena, but he did not have the blood of the Lamb and the name of Jesus Christ as we have to reduce or even obliterate the works of death of what ever form it takes, death of ministry, death of hope, death of peace, death of joy, etc, in fact death of the things of heaven being brought to the earth.

Daniel 10:19-21 And he said, O man greatly beloved, fear not! Peace be to you! Be strong, yes, be strong. And when he had spoken to me, I was strengthened and said, Let my lord speak, for you have strengthened me. Then he said, Do you know why I have come to you? And now I will return to fight with the [hostile] prince of Persia; and when I have gone, behold, the [hostile] prince of Greece will come.  But I will tell you what is inscribed in the writing of truth or the Book of Truth. There is no one who holds with me and strengthens himself against these [hostile spirit forces] except Michael, your prince [national guardian angel].

Yet still these people decided to interfere and delay my works and what I am created for. Not sure why, they perhaps wanted me to deal with their problems but it would not have helped them, they needed to overcome this dragon in humility and faith, not run from it in fear or they would have never been suitable for the army of God. Until they humbled themselves then teaching would not have helped them to overcome, they had all the knowledge needed. Anyway, blessings and may the Father equip you with all that you need as we co-labour together and overcome by the word of our testimony that Jesus Christ is Lord, that every knee will bow before Him, and by the blood of the Lamb. Grace upon grace. Please ask the Father for names of people or businesses that have been under such severe attack from our enemies. Thomas Cook, John Lewis, Jeremy Corbyn are the ones that I have been called to pray for over the last 3 days, yours will be unique to your region. Blessings and grace in Christ Jesus and may you be anointed to hear clearly and with joy and delight and with power and authority poured out upon you to speak over and release under the blood of the Lamb. What joy is coming to the earth as we chose to bless and restore. Amen.

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