Sacrificial Authority

Every person on the earth has a sphere of Authority – your personal space for want of another word. It is actually a spiritual sphere or ball and it goes from about 2

they put my (leader)ship in their bottle ...
they put my (leader)ship in their bottle …

feet above your head to 2 feet below the earth under your feet with the circumference that joins the 2 points. Over the years I have seen the link between this and the shields of the earth mentioned in Psalm 47:8-9 God reigns over the nations; God sits upon His holy throne. The princes and nobles of the peoples are gathered together, a [united] people for the God of Abraham, for the shields of the earth belong to God; He is highly exalted. A shield in its broader context means “a thing or person that protects” according to Years ago there seemed to be no shields or walls around my life, everybody who cursed me could, I would see the evidence of “hatred being as murder” and watch people in the spirit come at me with knives and I would know myself being spiritually raped which is no different from being physically raped for someone who is aware in the spirit realm. Then I read Psalm 80:12 Why have You broken down its hedges and walls so that all who pass by pluck from its fruit? With time I realised that my walls and shields where down and I needed to be in a safe place in order to love people without them attaching or trying to own or control me and the gift of God within. If I said it has been easy it would be a lie, every type of sin known to man has been put upon me, including other peoples thoughts, even from the past and some of which make my stomach churn that people could actually think in such a manner, about themselves or about another person. One of the spiritual insights that I have seen lately is about other people. I know my walls are down and I have to fight because of the choices of other people, religious people in the manner of the Pharisees. The Father has gifted me with the knowledge of how to do it for myself, albeit ineffectively because I am still not where I belong, but I am not here to serve myself but also to be a servant to others. Seeing that certain key godly people had been shut down and prevented from doing as God created them to do I asked the Father for revelation in regards to His children and what may I do to help them. Apparently an unlawful sacrifice has also been made over their call, walk and destiny, just as with mine. I have seen on the outside of their sphere of authority a thick darkness and just a little further inside the boundary a light red circle. The light red layer is a sacrifice that has been made that has stopped a person from doing the will of heaven, pagan cultures know about the need to sacrifice, of any form, animal, human, attributes, destiny, vision etc. Anything they are rightly entitled to have as a child of God, health, safety, love, protection, blessings, peace etc, you get it, anything good and pure and of true Love or of God. This is to obtain spiritual authority and a sacrifice can be someone elses destiny or if you have aligned yourself with the wrong people it can even be your own destiny. This can be made by the person themselves, or by someone else via slander, false doctrines, unwise loyalty, control and manipulation, ask the Father for revelation about any sin that might be holding you back, yours or others and the lies and deceptions that come with it. This was or is the black layer around the outside edge of my own sphere of authority. It has destroyed my place in my birth society and indeed my place and position in the one that I am currently caught in. I can go no where here that this corruption has not taken hold in and polluted. I have no calling to a public ministry in the manner that the religious have cursed me too, holiness at the Resort/Hostel wimg_7888ill cause many to come, and many to keep away for the revival at the New Hebrides islands was such that people had to leave the island if they did not want to know God and His love for them, so it will be there also, they cannot land if they will not come to true salvation in other words, not truly repentant of their sins and they want to stay in them. Any way, when we can do nothing for our own circumstances we must try and help others caught in a similar pattern. Having stood in the gap and confessed the sin of such a sacrifice made over the children of God in my vicinity I asked that it would go as far as my authority would allow and the only place where my authority has any value or worth or strength is in the USA. I watched the darkness being lifted off a large number of people across the land and the associated islands. About 15 000 actually. Praise God I still have authority somewhere. Can someone just get me there? Without all the super spiritual manure? Just simple clean joyful free upfront help? I just want to be safe so that I can release more people than what I am doing or not doing at the moment. 

Grace to be added to the truth in the form of love and prayer.

Father God we come humbly before Your throne and ask forgiveness if we ourselves have placed upon people our wisdom and vision and judgement without a thought to what our words and emotions towards that person could do to them. Cover we pray those careless words and directives and common generalizations based in the wisdom of man that came to the forefront of life and living in the Garden of Eden with the blood of the Lamb and flood and fill the places left open in other peoples and our lives once this sin is gone with what your Holy Spirit desires to be there. In Jesus Name, Amen. May you submit your sphere of authority to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


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