Soul Ties con’t.

There has been a revealing revelation in regards to the article on Soul Ties written earlier and I feel the need to share some of the insights that have come as a result of 1315that prayer. The vision began with one of the members of my Three Fold Cord having a belt around his waist (false unity) with 6 cords or strands coming off from it, some white some black and then every shade of grey in between. When I asked God to purify the connections that are unrighteous from him and as I watched even the white cords dissolved under the blood of the Lamb. I did this so that when we connect physically there would be no false relationships for me to fight off or be pushed into or religious leaders instructions that I would have to be obedient too through his relationship with those who desire a different life for me than the one God has shown me. I then asked for the prayer to be extended to as many as I was able to help to remove similar soul ties from and watched the belts of false doctrines (false truths Eph 4:16) fall off such a wide variety of people from around the world, even non Christians who are seeking absolute truth. It happened so quickly I guess God was right at the meniscus of the cup of prayer I was offering and just flowed outward to all those seeking earnestly the complete and universal truth of the Love of God. The white cords had the appearance of being pure and of truth, health and wholeness but they just held him back from freedom and liberty in Christ Jesus. White I have always seen as being a New Age or the current – pastor being god consciousness in churches – contrivance, whereas clear pure transparent (like unpolluted water) to be of Christ Jesus. The white also has the appearance of being good or healthy when it is not, to me it is from the false shepherds and the agreement authority that they have gained through the passivity of the congregation and their inability to know the wolves in among the sheep. Those wolves use the authority that even unrighteous agreement brings and have just found it taken away from them. I think it is connected with the idea that there are 6 steps between all the people of the earth and they have used that mathematical equation to bring people under their influence rather than allowing them to hear from God. It is a bit distressing for me but I am seeing these people deflate like slowly leaking balloons and as soon as the exoskeleton hits the earth they disappear altogether. Matthew 25:23  Then you should have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received what was my own with interest. So take the talent away from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents. Such an unnecessary thing to happen to anyone. But for those who have been unrighteously linked to people that will not allow them to be themselves but desire to direct and control and manipulate their lives as though they are “god”, in them there is much rejoicing. It will take a while to get used to the idea of no oppression and no constant guidance from unrighteous and unholy spirit guides constantly giving opinions about everything and usually false and usually useless and unimportant, just distracting and confusing. Hallelujah, the air around you is clear and pure, no grey shadows. I cannot have with me those that will inform others about what we do and how we do it, I feel at the moment there is a lot of 1322copying and pasting going on with this site for many believe they have the “right” to use this material as though it is their property, perhaps I did a short missionary course with you and you have not let go of the constraints that course put around me to Your will and ideas about life and living and leadership that are so destructive to Gods children, perhaps I visited your church and you have already spoken words of mine verbatim and you have the right to speak it out for the gospel is meant to be “free” is it not? Restore what you have stolen, or at least show some value if you have been tithed to for my words then that tithe actually belongs to me. There is a curse upon using any of this material and it is from God, the curse of a thief. I forgive you for I know how unbalanced you are and how immature and I feel sorry for you but there is a time when immaturity is no longer an excuse, time to grow up now. I am sorry I did not go with you at the Finnish Church 7am, this is the reason, I cannot have my path played with anymore by those who have no place in my life.

Judith Crabtree, 66 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT


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