The constant battle with darkness seems to be through our emotions, if they can control your emotions they can control you. Behind each person that is meant to be

reflections are not the reality, learn to reflect Christ Jesus and ask for a cleansing of your hearts that you may do so in purity ...
reflections are not the reality, learn to project who you are in Christ Jesus in love and joy and peace and ask for a cleansing of your hearts that you may do so in purity …

connected to my life I have seen 2 black voids with a white 6″ boarder, they where about 5′ in height and 3′ across. Out of these voids came counsel that was not aligned with the will of heaven for any of you, in some strange way they represented the people who had given authority to those words and instructions, I guess if Jesus is the Word of God – the bible, then we also must be our words, in that what we say represents who and what we are and if you are focused intently on another person, which means your spirit is with them and the emotions that you have towards that person is also there, hence the malice that people attribute to me, along with anger and sexual desire for those I have no desire for in among all the other bits and pieces – like knowing what I am thinking when they are so far off what was going on in my head that I used to look at them a bit weirdly, until I understood what was happening. There are people in the world who do not know how to live outside of being so over involved in other peoples lives that they are constantly with them in spirit and if they are possessed of a perpetual sin and refuse to repent of it they bring that sin with them. The unclean spirits that Jesus  and His disciples delivered people of as in Mark 6:12-13 AMPC 12 So they went out and preached that men should repent that they should change their minds for the better and heartily amend their ways, with abhorrence of their past sins]. 13 And they drove out many unclean spirits and anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them. The unclean spirits were people spirits, either dead or still alive. For me personally, I have a long line of people cursing me with their judgement, I am not sure why they have such constant access to me but I see these black blobs before me all the time and rebuke them in Jesus Name and cover with the blood of the Lamb, it is so constant and continuous sometimes I feel that this is all that I do, get rid of unwanted people fixated and obsessively and fanatically desiring to be a part of my life. I have seen some of their spirits go to hell before their bodies die such is their mischief and trickery, slander and lies, control and manipulation etc. My prayer for all of us is that we would be who we are created to be in Christ Jesus in His love for us, delighted in Him alone, rejoiced over by those that have His eyes to see us and the beauty that lies within those that have chosen Gods righteousness. Some have said that these sins are mine and I am just reaping what I have sown myself, what I see in the spirit confirms a different story completely. The outside edge of the boundary of my physical authority has all these words spoken over it, I did not put those words there but those that have made and continue to make judgments about me have, I am not even aware of the existence until I go into a new environment and hear the same 997accusations over again, the sins are not mine, I have no interest what so ever in the lives of those that put these words up, and when people come towards me they have to go through the blackened barrier, hear the curses of others and attribute them to my attitudes and give me the sins of those that are hounding me fanatically. I do not want prayers prayed for me from within Australia, your prayer patterns always focus on the person, that is who you think about when you pray, seeing them with the logs of your own sins firmly entrenched in self righteousness, projecting them onto me. I return them to you now in Jesus Name, I place a reversal on the words that come out of your mouths so that when you speak well and truthfully then that will be returned, when you curse, then that is what you will get. I used to stand in the gap and seek the Fathers forgiveness for you, in the knowledge that I have of myself in only being a sinner saved by grace, but now I can no longer do so, you must bear the consequences of your own sins, and I bless you to revelation in regards to it, peace and grace and insight and health and wholeness and restoration if you would chose to have it … Amen 

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