Remembrance Day

I have this wonderful friend, he was a Captain in the British SAS and has served in Korea, Vietnam, and a number of other places that he was not going to tell me

He brings light into darkness ...
He brings light into darkness …

about. Since coming out of the Armed Services he saved a Russian Rescue Dog who was going to be put down and called him Lucky. Lucky must have had some very difficult times during his service as well for he bit my friend a number of times just from feeding him, eventually trust was won and Lucky is now one very happy loyal trusting dog. My friend hurt himself and fell down Lucky went to the neighbors house and brought her over to tend to him. A few weeks ago my friend the Captain was set upon by 2 thugs, being ex-SAS meant that he made one unconscious by chopping at his neck hitting his Jugular Artery, but the other one hit him over the head with a stick, Lucky jumped into the foray and attacked the second thug and then stood over both of them until the Police arrived to make their arrest. This man is a hero and will be well remembered by those who served with him I am sure. Captain John is 90 years old. Send up a cheer for him on the 11th along with all the others who served. Amen

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