The constant battle with darkness seems to be through our emotions, if they can control your emotions they can control you. Behind each person that is meant to be

reflections are not the reality, learn to reflect Christ Jesus and ask for a cleansing of your hearts that you may do so in purity ...
reflections are not the reality, learn to project who you are in Christ Jesus in love and joy and peace and ask for a cleansing of your hearts that you may do so in purity …

connected to my life I have seen 2 black voids with a white 6″ boarder, they where about 5′ in height and 3′ across. Out of these voids came counsel that was not aligned with the will of heaven for any of you, in some strange way they represented the people who had given authority to those words and instructions, I guess if Jesus is the Word of God – the bible, then we also must be our words, in that what we say represents who and what we are and if you are focused intently on another person, which means your spirit is with them and the emotions that you have towards that person is also there, hence the malice that people attribute to me, along with anger and sexual desire for those I have no desire for in among all the other bits and pieces – like knowing what I am thinking when they are so far off what was going on in my head that I used to look at them a bit weirdly, until I understood what was happening. There are people in the world who do not know how to live outside of being so over involved in other peoples lives that they are constantly with them in spirit and if they are possessed of a perpetual sin and refuse to repent of it they bring that sin with them. Continue reading “Prayer”

Different Religions

Philippians 2:9-11 AMPC  Therefore [because He stooped so low] God has highly exalted Him and has freely bestowed on Him the name that is above every name, That in (at) the name of Jesus every knee should (must) bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, And every tongue frankly and openly] confess and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

The Father has allowed a small truth to be found in all the other Religions, a small doorway to Him if people are really searching for absolute truth and should be 1329mentioned by those called to evangelize these groups. The Koran has a call to read the first five books of the bible along with the Psalms and the Gospels, Aboriginal people of Australia know about the blood price needed to pay for sin, the Buddhist knowledge of the authority of Words and Emotions, New Agers know you need to hear for yourself, Yoga know of the spiritual gateways in our bodies, a small community in Mongolia know that jealousy is the most evil of emotions, in among many examples of God being found by those who have not searched for Him. Does this mean that I think every aspect of the other religions has Gods righteousness in it? No not at all. Do I think Christianity is compatible with the other religions and join with them, No. It is there as an evangelism tool only, Jesus Christ is the only name that I use in authority, the blood of the Lamb is the only way I release peoples spirits from sin, I will only ever tell of Christ Jesus born of a virgin, His holy works on earth as a taste of what He can do through us in His name, then crucified and risen again on the third day – Jesus is GOD. Those that have passed away and their spirits are held on earth by sin, I preach to them and hold the Cross of Christ Jesus before them asking that the love that radiates out from such an amazing act of sacrificial devotion would be know to the spirit so caught and I watch them fall on their knees before it, for every knee will bow every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, whether they want to or not. (Proverbs 9:18 AMPC But he knows not that the shades of the dead are there [specters haunting the scene of past transgressions], and that her invited guests are [already sunk] in the depths of Sheol (the lower world, Hades, the place of the dead). Those that serve other religions in life can get into heaven, but as one earth bound spirit said to Jesus once I held the Cross before him was “why did no one tell me about this when I lived”, there was no answer for him. We will only find out the truth when we get there ourselves, but in this life we need to offer to as many as possible the opportunity to know the love God has for them that they might at least do some of the things that they where uniquely created to do here on earth. The disappointment in this man was real and sadness exuded from him at Christians misrepresenting Christ Jesus in the SIMS games that they play, the need to be Pharisees rather than just love and rejoice in another, the needle in the hay stack examination of a gifted person in order to be superior in judgement or works. I am a Christian, I have seen things that confirm the gospels

Jesus Christ, my home in Love
Jesus Christ, my home in Love

and watched people set free under the blood of the Lamb and my soul rejoices in my living, wonderful, joyous, Savior. My soul is magnified at the thought of my beloved Redeemer, the Centre of my life, the giver of Good things. I love you my Lord and again surrender all that I am to You. Amen.

Remembrance Day

I have this wonderful friend, he was a Captain in the British SAS and has served in Korea, Vietnam, and a number of other places that he was not going to tell me

He brings light into darkness ...
He brings light into darkness …

about. Since coming out of the Armed Services he saved a Russian Rescue Dog who was going to be put down and called him Lucky. Lucky must have had some very difficult times during his service as well for he bit my friend a number of times just from feeding him, eventually trust was won and Lucky is now one very happy loyal trusting dog. My friend hurt himself and fell down Lucky went to the neighbors house and brought her over to tend to him. A few weeks ago my friend the Captain was set upon by 2 thugs, being ex-SAS meant that he made one unconscious by chopping at his neck hitting his Jugular Artery, but the other one hit him over the head with a stick, Lucky jumped into the foray and attacked the second thug and then stood over both of them until the Police arrived to make their arrest. This man is a hero and will be well remembered by those who served with him I am sure. Captain John is 90 years old. Send up a cheer for him on the 11th along with all the others who served. Amen


My circumstances are such that a man just walked up to me and handed me £20 just to bless me after I had been told by a Security Guard not to lay down on the 9fc376_5e0f5cd9a1a84e99bae46ed6e584d607seats at the train station. The gift was a free gift, even if it was premeditated to test me and even though he was tipsy, he gave generously and with an open heart. When such things happen it always causes such love and joy to rise up in me to an out-radiance to those around me, and indeed to the one who gave. There have been times in my life when things like sponsorship to mission training has not been free or open, or given with joy. These gifts come with agendas and with expectations of ownership and control, and they can only ever rise up in me a curiosity as to why they gave in the first place, looking for their motive and then regretting receiving from them for these “gifts that are not gifts” which always weigh me down and oppress me. There is no joy in such gifts, for the giver or the receiver, for things that come from hearts that are not moved by love or delight in having the capacity to help a fellow child of God and bring life and beauty and liberty to them. At one of the shelters that I have been given the privilege of having a momentary bed in, they had pre-made food donated from one of the bigger cafe chains and I would take as much as was left over and hand them out around the streets. What a joy for me to share food with hungry people and the joy it gives them that someone else actually cares and thinks ahead to do this. I am a much better giver than receiver normally and would rather serve than be served, this period of my life has turned the tables and I have relearnt the capacity to receive 1297what is given in joy and freedom, and a firmness in me to refuse what is not given in such a manner that I would not ever be oppressed by false gift giving again. So since this time of learning what to receive and what not too, I have refused an apartment, a farm, a singing career, a house and car if I go to a particular bible college (3 times this happened in 3 different places). Unfortunately I have also missed good opportunities as well from open hearted people in my attempt to come into a maturity in this balancing act, and for this I would ask for forgiveness from those who’s generosity is of a similar ilk to mine. In Grace mixed with Mercy and for the Fathers Love to cover all, In Jesus Name, Amen