Psychology circle

This is a new word to me, a man who upon hearing my story said that this was what was happening to my life, it was caught in a Psychology Circle. It is linked powerfully to False Judgement and the turning of our Messianic Star to the will of man. Upon thinking about the way different countries 086have different attitudes about how to live, the truth of this statement has become apparent. My birth society thinks that you constantly have to regurgitate the past and indeed will curse you back to it without hesitation as a means of controlling you. If they can dictate your emotions then they own you for life, in order to do so they need to keep you in the trauma of your past. A woman from Saudi Arabia shared that she had been persecuted for being happy, they thought her circumstances should mean that she should be and indeed was entitled to stay sad all the time. Her reply was one that was applauded by those of us who heard it, “I have shed the tears needed for those circumstances, it is gone, now I will be happy.” 

Christianity is at odds with the practice of using psychology, is at polar opposite ends to it as a means of living and enjoying life, its antithesis in fact. We are called in the bible to share one anothers burdens, but not constantly the same one, it is intended to cause us to let those burdens go completely, not keep them going. We cry for the failure, lay things at the Cross, get up and get going, not whinging and whining like those without a Savior. In fact I cried for the first 6 months of having dedicated my life to a Living Powerful, Wonderful Savor, then I stopped, all the hurt was gone, the blood of the Lamb had taken it away completely. It is not just healing of wounds that Jesus does, it is also the grace needed to overcome all sin, no matter its form, with almost immediate results for those with faith (miracles -instantaneous, healing – 2 weeks). As one example upon hearing that a pastor had a problem with pornography the offer was given to deliver him of that horrid addiction, that offer was refused for he was using psychological methods to deal with it – such as the avoidance technic of never using a computer any more. This horrified me, why do they call themselves Christian if they have no authority in Jesus’ Name? 2 Timothy 3:5 For [although] they hold a form of piety (true religion), they deny and reject and are strangers to the power of it [their conduct belies the genuineness of their profession]. Avoid [all] such people [turn away from them]. AMPC. So in accordance with this scripture this is what I did, avoided them and even to this day that man still has hooks in his eyelids and in his mouth and they still pursue me for their glory.  Pornography is a spiritual problem with a spiritual solution, the deliverance of others with this problem put upon them by a heathen world has always been brief and without difficulty for one who has faith in the name of Jesus Christ, the spiritual hooks in their eyes and mouth that react to and attach to the anointing on pornographic material as soon as it is near them. Remove the hooks in Jesus Name, straightening the barb first and just watch them go under the blood of the Lamb. As for those people their faith is very limited, in fact it is limited to the wisdom and knowledge of man, not the wisdom and knowledge of God (Isaiah 11:2-5). The 70 disciples were released to deliver people and set the captives free in Luke 10, so if you have had the bible read over you as they had, to meditate on it day and night, then why are not more people doing what they did? Encircled by Psychology which seems to be just a substitute form of witchcraft and moves in the same patterns of life and death in the power of the tongue. There was a girl who was so emotionally traumatized by those wanting to bring up issues that had no authority in her heart and mind except that they hated the beauty in her and wanted to crush it and form her into the image that 010this religious organisation had of christianity, they seemed to be trying to break her spirit. After a time of prayer, the Father shared that she had the authority to refuse to receive any emotions that where not found in heaven, if they wanted her to be crying and upset, she needed to know that she had the authority to refuse it, to say in her heart and mind, come Holy Spirit anoint me to overcome in this trial, to ask for a cloak of calmness that will encase her in who she has been created to be in Christ Jesus by the blood of the Lamb. If they wanted her to be angry, then to block that also in Jesus Christs’ Name. There needed to be a resolve in this NO that was not going to move from its position, no matter the harassment and that the bully would back down so confronted with a true daughter of God. It puzzles me why the churches are not protecting its delicate daughters, so many women that I know have been forced to protect themselves, myself included, that we have had to take on masculine protective traits in order to survive. The longing in me to be allowed to be a woman again is really quite powerful, to let my gentleness be evident to all is such a deep desire in my heart. Not yet, I must mimic being a man until I am in my Safe place to love people from. Please pray for righteous connection for me please. Thank you.

Prayer: Father God we come humbly before Your throne and ask that you take out from us the splinters of prayers in our hearts and minds made by those who desire that the past no longer be under the blood of the Lamb but for us to relive and have our lives revolve around the difficulties that we have already overcome. We use the Sword of the Spirit and cut and negate all such soulish ambitions that others have for us for their glory and benefit, we ask that You burn and cauterise all wounds associated with these splinter words that would divide us from divine healing that have come upon us through our tears and our crying out to You for Your mercy that we have already received in fullness. Father destroy the Psychology Circle so that it cannot be resurrected or restored in the same arena or place where we have been healed in. Seal us up with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and when the enemy comes in like a thief to rob and steal joy and lightness and liberty and freedom, we will remain firm in our NO we will not receive mans false judgement and lack of faith in Our Risen Savior who said It Is Finished. Amen.  

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