hearing from others

The practice of covering your mind with the blood of the Lamb so that what is not absolutely a truth of Gods will cannot take a foothold in your mind and heart before you listen to a speaker or read what someone else has written. This skill or teaching seems to have fallen by the way side for most people. (I would ask that you do this with everything that I write also). 962With every thing I read, with every thing I listen too, with every word that is spoken over me – I make sure that there is a blood barrier between myself and the one so speaking or any book I am reading or tv program or music, that what ever is not fully of Gods truth will fall away and be burnt up by the fire of the Holy Spirit and be unable to take up residence in my mind and soul and spirit. It also is a preventative measure so that my mind will not be filled with information that has no value to what and who I am in Christ Jesus. Not one person walking this earth is yet perfected, myself included, and we only know in part, so there is always going to be a tiny aspect that is of my quirkiness or who ever you are listening too will have their (imperfect) nature in what they write or speak, I try my hardest to test what I am saying, but I know my imperfections, they keep me humble, just as with Paul. There is also the aspect of emotional hypnosis that a lot of churches seem to move in, a seduction to a doctrine or even a seduction to worship the person who preaches and teaches, idolatry of religious leaders and teachers is rife at the moment, and one of the reasons why I have declined a pulpit and platform to teach from. All glory must go to God and if what I write does not bring you closer to God for your own unique revelations, but a desire to be closer to me then I have failed. I had a vision of people running around Jesus Christ who stood in the door way of the church I attended just to get to me and the knowledge the Father shared with and through me so great is the desire for knowledge or to have “one up” at the next convention, seminar, training session or what ever constant knowledge chasers go too. There is also the seduction to the belief that some of those that call themselves Christ followers are actually Christians at all, spiritually some of the names in the “inner circle of secret Christian knowledge” circuit have snakes heads inside their own head and when they speak they anoint others in the same deception that they move in. The effects of some of their teachings are to fill your legs, representative of your spiritual walk, with a brown viscous substance that looks more like something that should be flushed down the toilet rather than spoken over anybody. There are Bible colleges that seem to create people who have shut down their hearts through information or the “inner (secret knowledge) circle” of the supposed highest echelon of Christian learning/authority, creating the book barrier between the heart and mind that we spoke about in another blog. I am thankful that I learnt from a master in the Discerning of spirits 952before I encountered any of these, my education would have been far off the perfect will of God, (which it is physically anyway, I am not meant to be where I am in the earth), but spiritually also. If any bible teacher or leader say that what they are about to teach you is not for the masses or lay people but only for those in leadership then you are getting closer to becoming a part of that secretive place that is one step away from becoming a cult rather than a Christian organisation. Where ever you go, not matter how “high” a name you are being taught from please make sure you cover your mind and will and soul with the blood of the Lamb that cleanses you from all sin in all its forms and manifestations so that you will not be filled with such impurity that will corrupt your walk in Christ Jesus.

Prayer: Father God we humbly come before your throne and seek your Holy Spirit to cleanse us from all that is not of you in our walks and destinies, we offer again all knowledge, wisdom, visions, soulish prayers prayed over us, ideas, prophecies, teachings to the smallest incremental parts that have been added to in variance to complete truth. Come we ask and fill us anew with your living water, refresh us, revive us, restore us to who You say that we are, In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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