Foundations – The pursuit of knowledge is actually a biblical instruction for us, Proverbs 18:15 The mind of the prudent [always] acquires knowledge, And the ear of the wise [always] seeks knowledge. But what happens if the foundation of your knowledge is not based in a fullness of the truth of the scriptures but a 916variance of truth? If you are into Math then you will know that 1 degree variance off a set course in the long run will put you far from the desired goal after a period of time and space. The bible warns us of such things, prophecy reveals that in the last days there will be a falling away from truth and that deception will come in like a thief and many hearts will be turned away from the foundational truths that Jesus and the Apostles shed their blood to convey to us. Sometimes learning can be a blockage for us, it was at the tree of knowledge of good and evil that this pursuit began in unrighteousness, and sometimes what God intended to be just for that season we hold onto a direction of truth as though it was intended for a lifetime.

One man I knew had been given the instruction to tear something down, he thought he had to tear down everything he encountered that did not feel right to his intuition, so he has gone around destroying all sorts of godly and good things just because of that seasonal word and his belief in his own wisdom for He did not get directions for the next day, it is a daily walk and talk with God, not a hear one thing and stay with it for the rest of your life. We are not stagnant beings and neither is the God we serve, just like eating, we need a variety of imparted knowledge for each new day. The main thing the bible teaches us is that God is the God of the moment, He did not deal with any situation the same way, the Judges listened to and heard the Fathers manner of dealing with individual circumstances, how to go to war, Gideon whittled down to 300, David gathering as many as he could, unique circumstances required a unique word for those circumstances, so do you and I. Neither did Jesus heal and restore people from a robotic doctrinal book put before Him by the Father, He listened and did what the Father commanded Him to do for each and every one He encountered. Another person had a bible verse that was, to her, the ultimate way to know the will of heaven, so she would repeat it like a Mantra such was her faith in this bible verse, it became a blockage to her instead. She should have put her faith in the Author of that word and listened for the one that was hers for that next moment. Spiritually I see people with a layer of books running through their necks, they have learnt a rote way of hearing, acting, doing that precludes their capacity to hear from the heart where we are meant to have the well spring of life flowing out of us.  Please cover your mind with the blood of the Lamb and look at the following link

knowledge becomes a barrier between our hearts and minds, spiritually I see books of knowledge at the necks of those that have been to bible college as knowledge over takes the importance of relationship with the Author of that knowledge. Grace and peace to all. Now let us pray, in your minds eye (imagination) believe that you hold in your hands everything you have learnt about God and godly living from every source, the pulpit, seminars, Youtube, intuition, circumstances that others have 915cursed you to so you could learn the lesson they thought you needed to know (my life has been wasted for 15 years with this idiocy, as though we know all things, only God does, get down from your throne over anothers life before it sends your spirit to hell before your body dies).

As you hold all your foundational truths and knowledge in your cupped hands ask the Father to anoint you in the Holy Spirit and breathe on them as many times as you are lead too by the Lord so that what is in your heart and mind that is not of a fullness of His divine truth will be blown away by grace upon grace and the darkness of that falsehood will be dispelled from your body, soul, spirit, your free will to align with the will of heaven for you and your destiny path will be swept clean and that you will see clearly what you are created to do and where you are meant to be … in Jesus Name we pray, for the glory of the Father empowered by the Holy Spirit that your foundations will be laid in Gods love, Amen

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