481This is the base difference between men and women, men called to protect and women called to nurture. In everything else we are equal with each other, intellect, decision making, wisdom, business acumen, leadership, creativity, knowledge etc there is really nothing that cannot be interchanged between the sexes. It is the main reason why men are physically stronger and why women have breasts.  Over the years folk law and mans ideas have cursed the roles we are to take when we co-labour together (as Adam and Eve were created to do) to such a limited definition that someone who is anointed and called of God to a particular role cannot do it because of the curse of stereotyping someone down to gender, then of course race, culture, norms, doctrines, age, or just the bias of a powerful individual like Constantine. We find ourselves put in little boxes with tags of someone else’s judgments holding us tight to that projected false image and false judgement based in someone else’s superiority and supposed god likeness. Because our soul, spirit and body are connected what happens in one affects the other, I have had one church that I was to be linked with for a brief 3 months curse my walk to the point that spiritually they were putting nails in my feet to crucify my destiny to match what they thought I should be doing in the manner that I was to serve with them. There is no liberty in this kind of prayer and not even God Himself will interfere with my free will in this manner, the physical manifestation of such a curse is a red mark on the top of my left foot and a bump in the corresponding area on the sole of the same foot much in the same place that is depicted in every scene of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This is what directional curses do, a spiritual act that affects all levels of who we are including physically and we have talked about the oppression that these kinds of prayers put on a person also. They justify their works by using verses that reiterate the dominant role that a Pastor/Elder/male is meant to have over the lives of those under their authority, then the subservient role woman are to take, how can they even consider making such a decision that has had such a detrimental impact on my life without any consultation with me at all, just “praying” or rather cursing me into it, I was not in their organisation at the time, therefore not under their authority – I had just made a request to be with them for a little while. The secret meetings they have to discuss individuals walks and calls and destinies are just gossip sessions if the person 480concerned is not there to say, well God the Father told me something completely different to what you have just shared but let us pray together and find a solution to our difference of opinions about my life and destiny so that we can at least remain on talking terms rather than you just cursing me to your ideas that oppose mine. No one has protected me, just cursed me to the ideas of those who are not even mature in Christ Jesus and do not manifest any fruit of the Holy Spirit at all. They have set a game around my life that is so super spiritual and ridiculous that I get blamed for missing things I do not even know about. Conversation brings wisdom, you bring your knowledge to the table and I bring mine, together we can find a solution. Drop me a line or an email to for what is happening now is from satan not from Jesus Christ, He, the king of heaven would not act in such a manner towards anyone He encountered and the rules by which you treat me and act towards me are from a nation that has wasted all the gifts of God through me in this same manner, do not be as silly as they have been, their nation was handed to them on a platter but they needed to own, control, dominate, manipulate and be the BOSS HOG of my life. Grace to the leading of repentance or the changing of your mindsets about who I am and what I am created to do on this earth. The last 15 years have been useless and wasted years in my life, nothing good has come out of it, go live your own life … mate …

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