lightness and joy

Since we are children of God we are meant to radiate the light of who Jesus is and His nature and capacity for sacrificial love through the filter of our own personality. 485One aspect of Jesus that annoyed the religious of His day was His astounding JOY and the LIGHTNESS OF HEART that He brought with Him into any and every environment that He came into. Religious people always bring an oppression, a heaviness, a burdened legalism, a ritualistic approach to life and living as though there is only one way to live and do and be instead of the unique manner each of us is called to do so, there is only one you here, and only one me, how I shine is never going to be by the book of how another does so. If it where not the case why did God create so many of us in order to reflect even a minuscule amount of His divine attributes and glory. This is why Jesus was so attractive to all those out side of the religious legalists, people enjoyed Him and wanted to be in His company, then of course He healed them from every physical ailment and what we would call mental illnesses which are really just curses, generational or upon ourselves and the spiritual entities that come with compounded sin. We have seen the effect of words on water and if we are up to 80% H2O then words can and do affect us, words of the law written in the bible also, there is cause and effect in doing what the Father has clearly warned us would be harmful to our lives and to our capacity to live – evil is just the opposite of live and means missing the mark of Gods perfection, we are born into a world that has missed the mark for a very long time and spiritually we live in a quagmire of the sins of the fathers and mothers who have preceded us. My own deliverance from the sins of my forefathers included just about every organisation that was created by the enemy to keep sin on the earth, freemasonry, witchcraft, religion, buffalo lodge, occultism, just to name a few of the secret knowledge based supposedly illuminated (by the devil at the tree of knowledge of good and evil) groups that produced fear, control, manipulation, 1330anguish, doubt, faithlessness, oppression, domination, superiority, selfishness, greed, intricacies and complexity when simplicity is what is required. My life has been that way, truly the life of Christians is called to be simple, love and rejoice and delight in each other, legalists and greedy people have made it otherwise, I am just waiting for those that can and are called of God to grow up now, put away your childish games and come talk to me … share with me your need and sorrow, pain and suffering and it will go under Gods love for you …

Prayer: Father I pray for those reading this word that they may hear from You about who to allow into the deepest parts of their being and take out what is of their forefathers in any and all areas of sin and discord and fear and pain. Reveal to them that which You desire for them to confess before You alone and allow grace upon grace to enter in to cleanse and heal, restore and redeem, sanctify and bring to shalom … I pray that you will carry with you the lightness and joy the love and the laughter that is required to bring change to our environments … May the joy of the Lord be your strength this day and your cup overflow …

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