Knowing authority

Every now and then the Father will reveal when something bad is about to happen, He tells me so that I will refuse to give it authority or take away the authority of it by covering it with the blood of the Lamb, it could be anything from someone falling over, being hit by the mirrors of a bus, or a child being run over by a IMG_1031reversing car. Over the years I have had the privilege of encountering some very gifted individuals, and since we are not yet perfected our use of these gifts can be limited to our knowledge base. We all need to share what we know to prevent such ignorance for God will give one part to you and another part of the answer to the question to me or someone else who has the wisdom to come before God and seek His face for solutions to mans problems. Even to  just delight to come to understanding the Universe through Physics or Chemistry, what ever question arises in your heart, seek the Lord in humility to know His manifold wisdom. What joy it is when He imparts His truth and wisdom. How exciting to even touch one tiny aspect of His Holiness, Authority, Limitless Wisdom, Beauty and the Radiance of His Goodness. Some women I had encountered had been given revelations from God but thought that He was telling them just so that they could be prepared emotionally when they occurred. I felt this to be counter to the God of compassion that I knew Him to be, one woman knew when someone was about to die untimely deaths 2 weeks before it happened, once we had established that He wasn’t telling her to give her fear but so that she could do something about it we worked out a plan to test my theory. The next time she had vision of someone drowning we prayed that only Gods will would be on this mans life, covered him with the blood of the Lamb, that he would know that he was loved by God in heaven who was in truth his rescuer and sure enough 2 weeks later a man was on the news telling his story of holding onto slippery rocks by the tips of his fingers for 4 hours until a giant wave came and lifted him to higher, less slippery ground, he knew who had saved him. All glory to God. Another friend would smell sin, now sin only has authority were it is unconfessed and the more times that same sin has occurred in a region then the greater strength or stronghold it has. If it was alcohol, that is what she smelt, fear had its own odour which dogs and bees can attest too, drugs, lust, murder had with it the smell of blood, all these things she would know about in a region (large area) or places (specific smaller area). When she first told me of her gift, she said not to worry, the smell eventually left, when I challenged her on why she thought she was being gifted by God in such a manner she had no answer. The Father shared with me for her that it was to destroy the stronghold of that particular sin and destroy the enemies place or hold over the region. When we do this we must make IMG_1027sure that we flood and fill the region we have just cleaned out by praying that the area will be flooded and filled with what the Holy Spirit wants to be there by the anointing of the place with His will and presence, or the will of heaven (ie love, joy, peace, revelation, holiness, shalom, wisdom etc) what ever He wants there. Seriously, what ever what you consider to be that still small voice to be when ever you are told bad things are going to happen if you allow it to do so then you could be culpable of the sin itself. Those that hear of bad things and do nothing about it now that you know you have the responsibility to say “No, I refuse to let that happen” will be held accountable for it, God has given us all authority on earth, what happens here is our choice, please let the good have the greater authority. I know some drama queens will not heed this they want to be right just so they can say, “I knew that was going to happen” why would anyone want evil to have its way, let us join together in a decision that what ever evil we are warned about we will make a choice and negate it. Amen in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So Be It. In the authority of the blood of the Lamb that Jesus brought for us on the Cross. Please allow this to begin discussion that your wisdom and insight might be heard too.

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