just for fun

IMG_0964Upon entering a place where I was to have lunch I encountered an elderly gentleman blowing a scout masters whistle. When we had eye contact he shared that he was not whistling his dog but his wife who was quite deaf and it was so that she knew were to find him, he also shared that he felt a bit like Lady Diana in that there where 3 people in their marriage and that his wife spent at least 2 hours a day with his equivalent of the 3rd party and left him out of it altogether. I must have looked a bit startled as he then shared it is okay, the interloper was Jesus Christ … to watch this married couple throughout the evening was a joy, they finished each others sentences and even dissolved into a bit of thigh tapping as children do when they disagreed. What a wonderful interloper to have in a marriage and what dedication to pray for such a long time every day. Would that my prayer life was as distinguished. I believe that the elderly Christians of the nations are such a necessity to us being able to live life in Jesus Christ at all, they have the time, humour, wisdom, childlike faith and rest to pray for the peace of God over the nations.

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