481This is the base difference between men and women, men called to protect and women called to nurture. In everything else we are equal with each other, intellect, decision making, wisdom, business acumen, leadership, creativity, knowledge etc there is really nothing that cannot be interchanged between the sexes. It is the main reason why men are physically stronger and why women have breasts.  Over the years folk law and mans ideas have cursed the roles we are to take when we co-labour together (as Adam and Eve were created to do) to such a limited definition that someone who is anointed and called of God to a particular role cannot do it because of the curse of stereotyping someone down to gender, then of course race, culture, norms, doctrines, age, or just the bias of a powerful individual like Constantine. We find ourselves put in little boxes with tags of someone else’s judgments holding us tight to that projected false image and false judgement based in someone else’s superiority and supposed god likeness. Continue reading “Nurture/Protection”

lightness and joy

Since we are children of God we are meant to radiate the light of who Jesus is and His nature and capacity for sacrificial love through the filter of our own personality. 485One aspect of Jesus that annoyed the religious of His day was His astounding JOY and the LIGHTNESS OF HEART that He brought with Him into any and every environment that He came into. Religious people always bring an oppression, a heaviness, a burdened legalism, a ritualistic approach to life and living as though there is only one way to live and do and be instead of the unique manner each of us is called to do so, there is only one you here, and only one me, how I shine is never going to be by the book of how another does so. If it where not the case why did God create so many of us in order to reflect even a minuscule amount of His divine attributes and glory. Continue reading “lightness and joy”

The Colour Blue

There is so much variety in the distinct band of the colour BLUE, and with each a different aspect of revelation 898authority. In fact I had asked the Father in heaven what the Holy Spirit looked like such is my interest in learning things directly from God for myself, Isaiah 54 says that all my children will be taught of the Lord, so I allow Him to be my main teacher. The Holy Spirit Himself is BLUE, I saw the outline of a man filled with Sapphire Blue liquid, quite the most beautiful person I have ever seen, I am sure that I am seeing with earthly clouded human eyes and will know Him much more clearly and fully in heaven. That we are up to 80% water is the reason we can be filled with the living water that is the Holy Spirit, ask daily, welcome Him in every day and into every situation and life will change for you.

Luke 11:12-13 Amplified If you, then, being evil [that is, sinful by nature], know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask and continue to ask Him!”Continue reading “The Colour Blue”


My place on the planet. At the end of a period of missionary training I had a vision of some islands, not knowing were the islands where I asked the Father and when I looked at a map I saw that the islands were the Hawaiian Islands. I didn’t know much about the place except what I had seen on nature shows and in movies like one Elvis Presley made, so I knew only a little of the culture, mores and norms of that place and essentially from a White persons viewpoint. Since I would rather be in the fullness of the will of God I asked what I was to do there. He shared that a lot of the IMG_0678practices and teachings of the Hawaiian culture reflected heavens ideas of how life was meant to be lived on earth, for their ancestors had chosen righteousness and humility and service of others as a base or foundation of their culture. This acronym of Aloha sums up their ideology about who they should be as people:-

(A)     AKAHAI [ Ah kah hai’ ] (careful offering) In Hawaiian translated to mean: kindness, modesty, gentleness, unpretentiousness, being unassuming, unobtrusive, tenderness…
(L)     LOKAHI [ Loh’ kah hee ] (to obtain oneness) In Hawaiian translated to mean: unity, agreement, accord, unison, harmony…
(O)     `OLU’OLU [ Oh’ loo oh’ loo ] (cool, refreshing) In Hawaiian translated to mean: agreeable, pleasantness, amiability, contentment, happiness, graciousness, congeniality, cordiality, affability…
(H)     HA’AHA’A [ Hah’ ah hah’ ah ] (low) In Hawaiian translated to mean: humility, humbleness, self-effacing, modesty…
(A)     AHONUI [ Ah hoh nui’ ] (great breath) In Hawaiian translated to mean: patience, perseverance, endurance, long suffering, tolerance…

Continue reading “Vision”

Knowing authority

Every now and then the Father will reveal when something bad is about to happen, He tells me so that I will refuse to give it authority or take away the authority of it by covering it with the blood of the Lamb, it could be anything from someone falling over, being hit by the mirrors of a bus, or a child being run over by a IMG_1031reversing car. Over the years I have had the privilege of encountering some very gifted individuals, and since we are not yet perfected our use of these gifts can be limited to our knowledge base. We all need to share what we know to prevent such ignorance for God will give one part to you and another part of the answer to the question to me or someone else who has the wisdom to come before God and seek His face for solutions to mans problems. Even to  just delight to come to understanding the Universe through Physics or Chemistry, what ever question arises in your heart, seek the Lord in humility to know His manifold wisdom. What joy it is when He imparts His truth and wisdom. How exciting to even touch one tiny aspect of His Holiness, Authority, Limitless Wisdom, Beauty and the Radiance of His Goodness. Continue reading “Knowing authority”

just for fun

IMG_0964Upon entering a place where I was to have lunch I encountered an elderly gentleman blowing a scout masters whistle. When we had eye contact he shared that he was not whistling his dog but his wife who was quite deaf and it was so that she knew were to find him, he also shared that he felt a bit like Lady Diana in that there where 3 people in their marriage and that his wife spent at least 2 hours a day with his equivalent of the 3rd party and left him out of it altogether. I must have looked a bit startled as he then shared it is okay, the interloper was Jesus Christ … to watch this married couple throughout the evening was a joy, they finished each others sentences and even dissolved into a bit of thigh tapping as children do when they disagreed. What a wonderful interloper to have in a marriage and what dedication to pray for such a long time every day. Would that my prayer life was as distinguished. I believe that the elderly Christians of the nations are such a necessity to us being able to live life in Jesus Christ at all, they have the time, humour, wisdom, childlike faith and rest to pray for the peace of God over the nations.