Tuned hearing

IMG_1040How do we learn to tune our ears to hear just God alone for the direction that our lives need to take? To edit out all the voices that would be ‘god’ for us? I remember quoting a scripture to a pastor who had taken a busybody interest in my life and journey, the verse being:- Psalm 82:6 I said, “You are gods; Indeed, all of you are sons of the Most High. It was said tongue in cheek actually for satan himself said that he would ascend above the throne of God which is what people do when they try and dictate your path rather than pray a clear heaven in which you can hear from God for yourselves. He was thinking about how my gift would be useful to him and the agenda of his church rather than with anything like love towards me. There is no condemnation in this from me, it is normal practice in a lot of churches not only his and to condemn him leaves me open to the same level of condemnation or judgement that I put him under. I did ask for counsel, but I already had a vision so it was to the fulfilment of that vision rather than the completely different one that they had come up with. Being multi-gifted is not an easy road to take, every religious leader will have his own bent on what gift of the Holy Spirit is the more important or most needed in the earth, so, my calling has began as a Priest, Prayer Warrior, Intercessor, etc and my career has gone from having a singing career, a stadium female version of Billy Graham, in among other things when in reality I am meant to be a business woman. All these things just distract, I will obey my Father in heaven over a person and we have already discussed the confusion that so many different opinions can have, it is like a spiritual smoke that I am constantly blowing away, the polluted words of someone who wants to control another to their will. Joel 2:2 A day of darkness and gloom,
A day of clouds and of thick [dark] mist,. This describes what I see occurring in the spiritual realm with spoken directional word curses. The really weird part of this was that I was not a member of his organisation or denomination or even on the same side of the country as he was, so why was he interested in what I was IMG_1025doing or even planning to do? There seems to be a teaching in bible college that the pastor is so accountable for what the sheep do that he/she must take over every aspect of what they do, what they learn, who they associate with and even in one fanatical church I went to, who I would marry, there are a number of those actually and I have been hindered by those that see themselves as the only ones who hear from ‘heaven’ for me rather than trusting that God is God and He is the one who is King of kings, Lord of lords and He alone is omnipotent, omnipresent, omnisapient, omniscient in among all the other things that He is. This is quite common, I remember telling one woman that it was a joy watching the Father teach my son by bringing him into circumstances that would cause him to trust in Jesus Christ and to learn manly and obtain truly fully masculine attributes from God for he essentially was growing up without a dad in his life. She laughed, pretty sarcastically I might add, which puzzled me, either God is Love and will train us up or He is not. It is called faith and without it, seriously, give up – go find another ‘god’ and stop discrediting the Christian one by your lack of belief in His Word and Authority and Love and Absolute Goodness and capacity to teach and train us up in the way that we should go.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go [teaching him to seek God’s wisdom and will for his abilities and talents], Even when he is old he will not depart from it. Colossians 1:4  for we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus [how you lean on Him with absolute confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness], and of the [unselfish] love which you have for all the saints (God’s people);

Spiritually I see those who have wisdom for another be so focused on the person, even in what they call “prayer” that they actually send their spirits to where the person is and become the “intuition” or “holy spirit” or “spirit guide” or “watcher” etc for their lives rather than praying the will of heaven be opened over them so that they can connect and hear God clearly for themselves. It is called relationship with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit for the glory of God the Father, when you prayer for another, even to the conviction of sin, always set your mind on heaven and on what the Father desires for them, that He would soften their hearts, gently convict them that what they are doing is not right, bless them to a right way of doing, thinking, acting by His LOVE for them which never condemns always shows the right way instead. The army of Joel 2 a passage which deserves its own post, or several at least, says that the Army of God are looking ahead and they do not trip each other up, the wisdom for someone running a race is just look at the finish line not at the others in the race or you will run towards them and trip them up losing the race just by wrong focus, re-focus on Jesus Christ, cover your minds with the blood of the Lamb that words from false counsel will not be able to enter in, read scriptures on having the mind of Christ and renewing it and washing it daily until you know the peace that passes all understanding that comes with His counsel and righteousness. Amen, blessings and peace and grace to hear God clearly.

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