False Judgement

2000px-Five-pointed_star.svgwe are with.  Jesus also said that we will be held as though we are murderers if we are angry in the beatitudes (Matthew 5), hatred born out of jealousy is even worse.  This is because our spirits are with the one we hate and there is life and death in the power of the tongue, physical or spiritual which is what we say in our hearts, Psalm 62, they bless with their mouths but they curse inwardly, and my belief that the cursing comes from their heart attitude or negative spirit/emotion towards the other person. Witches have made formulated curses that almost require no emotion, just authority in life and death, as we all have authority, some just chose to use it for selfish or nasty means. Charismatic witchcraft is what Christians practice when they pray soulish prayers over another, for their perceived will of the “god” they have created out of their doctrines. I remember a friend asked if they could put me on their prayer chain and thinking that all Christians prayed in a similar manner to me – “Father may they come close to You and know Your love for them, may anything that separates them from you in the form of sins done against them be under the blood of the Lamb that they will know what ever truth that is needed to set them free hear You for guidance, direction, blessing, grace … ” and then any prophetic utterances that I might hear for them in regards to their liberty and freedom to connect to heaven. The prayers that came out of that friends prayer chain where so oppressive and heavy and dark I had to ring them and ask them to cease. Another woman knew of some of my circumstances, difficulties as a child and instead of lifting them off me bowed me down to never overcoming them. I eventually requested knowledge of what they had been praying for, when we pray for our will, we crush people in a like manner, be sure you hear from heaven and if you have a direction for another that you believe to be from God, tell them to their face, never curse them to it like these people where trying to do to me, dangerous stuff the ungodly untamed immature tongue … it is called charismatic witchcraft and is based in false judgement.























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