Homesick for Love

9fc376_b465d737cbad4fe0b268602a6e5391c3-mv2Amen … I am homesick for my spiritual home with the people that the Father will give to me as my new family in Christ Jesus, such a deep longing in me, something that should be the right of every woman born on the earth, to feel safe and secure, cherished and honoured, rejoiced over and delighted in – such a simple thing – almost an impossibility to obtain here on earth. Thankfully it will be a bit different in heaven for no lies, slanders, deception, stupidity, greed, avarice, malice, hatred or any negative thing can have its home in that place, the light dispels the darkness and indeed if people want to remain in sin or remain self justified in their hearts about that sin, then they cannot get into heaven, the darkness in them refuses to receive the grace that was purchased on the Cross when Jesus said “it is finished” so they retain their sin and send them selves to hell. Ah to love with liberty, freedom without worrying about pearls and swine, rejoicing and giving constant thanks out of a heart of gratitude. Homesick for love.

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