Tuned hearing

IMG_1040How do we learn to tune our ears to hear just God alone for the direction that our lives need to take? To edit out all the voices that would be ‘god’ for us? I remember quoting a scripture to a pastor who had taken a busybody interest in my life and journey, the verse being:- Psalm 82:6 I said, “You are gods; Indeed, all of you are sons of the Most High. It was said tongue in cheek actually for satan himself said that he would ascend above the throne of God which is what people do when they try and dictate your path rather than pray a clear heaven in which you can hear from God for yourselves. He was thinking about how my gift would be useful to him and the agenda of his church rather than with anything like love towards me. There is no condemnation in this from me, it is normal practice in a lot of churches not only his and to condemn him leaves me open to the same level of condemnation or judgement that I put him under. Continue reading “Tuned hearing”

Einstein’s Question — DarylMadden

There’s two ways to live our life Einstein’s word recall Everything’s a miracle Or no miracles at all Answer is apparent The former is the truth Calling of much greater Lessons learned from youth Way of awe and wonder Through our God of love Acceptance all through faith Gratefulness above Latter way so boring Relying […]

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The ability to worship in spirit and in truth is so hard at the moment, the concentrated focus with gratitude on the Cross of Christ Jesus where all our needs were met and everyone of us was empowered to become an Overcomer.

Revelations 12:11 And they overcame and conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life and renounce their faith even when faced with death.”

503I remember being in a lovely chapel associated with Teen Challenge and rejoicing in the worship of the people who had true hearts of love and thankfulness towards our Lord and rejoiced in Him alone. In the congregation where a couple who had lost their son in a drowning accident who had been elders in the previous church I had been connected too. For some reason out of their suffering they assumed they had greater wisdom than any0ne else on earth and regularly “watched” those that they considered to be a part of their lives to the point that theirs was the only wisdom that was needed. Unfortunately they had fast rules about worshipping God and instead of just worshipping Him they looked for fault and cursed the worship team down to their ideas, the outcome was that they destroyed them and out of that the church itself disbanded. Continue reading “Worship”

Three fold cord

And though one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12 Amplified bible

Commonly called the three fold cord in other translations. There is so much knowledge in the bible that it will take us into eternity with the joy of uncovering the manifold wisdom of God, things that seem unrelated are in fact central to the existence and the wisdom of something else. We all see every verse through our own unique eyes and mindsets given to us from the Father while still in our mothers womb. Even going back to a bible verse you know and re-reading it IMG_0782under the unction of the Holy Spirit you will eke out a different hitherto unknown view, idea, revelation of knowledge and understanding about it. It is so exciting looking into the wisdom of God, asking Him questions about His Word for James says that if any of us lacks wisdom we should ask, so I did, the following is a revelation that I had in regards to the three fold cord and why it is so important to be righteously connected with people, good people together can do some things, God called connected people can do the impossible. Chose your relationships and who you allow into your life and its journey wisely and with Gods help in revelation, accepting some, walking around others politely.

The first part of the revelation came when I was pondering on what it meant when it says that the bible is a Sword and part of it has to do with the colours of the three fold cord.                                                                                                                               Continue reading “Three fold cord”

Glorious the Bond — DarylMadden

She rests in meditation Deep within her prayer Intimate of dwelling With Your Presence clear Word before her opened Spirit flowing through Cherishing her soul Binding deep with You Light upon her shoulder Beautiful the scene Grace is on display Fragrance so serene Unseen light is seen Shining from above Glowing from within Displays how […]

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False Judgement

About Prayer

About Prayer … My younger life was spent mostly alone, walking and talking with the love of my life Jesus Christ. Out of these times of learning and companionship I came to a knowledge of how to pray for others and it is found in the Lords Prayer, the central piece where it says  …Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven … so, in my logic, I had to look to heaven about how to pray for others and bring that will and knowledge and word of authority down to earth and release it upon people

9fc376_33694e168a564b1d93751148f1470b34-mv2or those that the Father wanted me to share His love with. In my travels and visits to churches the trend seems to be to think about the person when praying, others have done this to me. The problem with this is that we look at others with our own logs firmly in place we can project our sins or shortcomings upon them and give them our agenda or desires rather than Gods and this  only brings confusion to them. Satan has for years played the game of being peoples intuition, whispering false accusations and judgments, opinions and slander into the ears of those who have not tested the spirit they are listening too.

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Homesick for Love

9fc376_b465d737cbad4fe0b268602a6e5391c3-mv2Amen … I am homesick for my spiritual home with the people that the Father will give to me as my new family in Christ Jesus, such a deep longing in me, something that should be the right of every woman born on the earth, to feel safe and secure, cherished and honoured, rejoiced over and delighted in – such a simple thing – almost an impossibility to obtain here on earth. Thankfully it will be a bit different in heaven for no lies, slanders, deception, stupidity, greed, avarice, malice, hatred or any negative thing can have its home in that place, the light dispels the darkness and indeed if people want to remain in sin or remain self justified in their hearts about that sin, then they cannot get into heaven, the darkness in them refuses to receive the grace that was purchased on the Cross when Jesus said “it is finished” so they retain their sin and send them selves to hell. Ah to love with liberty, freedom without worrying about pearls and swine, rejoicing and giving constant thanks out of a heart of gratitude. Homesick for love.

If God is Love ?

If God is love then how  needlessly complex we make life, the second passage below is all we really need to live and to survive this life with rejoicing, not in our natural circumstances but in the supernatural ones. What an amazing privilege to share His love with 9fc376_a00f0d80e66b4d1aa6d8e5290e0d5ccd-mv2those around us, to lay aside our judgments, preconceived prejudiced ideas and really look at the person the Father puts before you as an individual, to look for the beauty He imparted on the day they where conceived seeing them through His eyes with His heart and rejoicing in the unique aspects of who they are and what they are created for then asking what is my part in their lives to make it more Christ like, for them to be more open to His love, His abundant goodness, to walk out a fullness of all that He created them for, His will for them.  Look for that which is wonderful in them at the same time balancing it with the truth of what you see about them with your own natural eyes and then the grace that says – if their life had been mine would I have done as well as they are?  Learn to love please, and if you have direction or correction for another do so to their face not through gossip or slander, for it might not be true or only partially true. Continue reading “If God is Love ?”