Godly Diamonds

VWD-stock1What is a godly diamond? During a conversation with a man that I had just met I asked the Father for His word about who this man was and what was he like, in my minds eye I saw that his heart was half alight, an image a bit like this came to my view except only half his heart was like this brilliant cut diamond, the rest was with out any light or glorious luminescence. People are rarely what they seem and over the years I have learnt not to trust my own sight or wisdom in sorting the sheep from the goats (Isaiah 11:2-5) because quite simply there is little outward sign that there is any difference, the difference is inward, it is in their hearts. On reflective meditation and prayer I found that each facet of the diamond represented an aspect of goodness or godliness that this person had chosen to walk in. He was kind, generous, supportive, wise in his own field of employment, had chosen to allow his grief over his wife’s death to make himself more compassionate towards others, in among other good choices that he had made in his life’s journey.

For years I have been pondering this vision, thought some things about it to be truth only to find down the track my view and vision changed, knowing that wisdom is not a static thing, it must by its nature grow and change and evolve into USD0632205-20110208-D00003greater fullness. It seems that everybody has their own number of attributes or godly qualities that need to be chosen, the greatest of these is love with actions.  Sins, emotional (hatred being likened to murder, jealousy being the most evil of all the emotions)  then the standard physical ones (like violence, theft, etc) all shut down the heart, no light can shine through these and I have seen some who once shone in some areas close it down completely and end up having a heart of stone after those choices were made. Very sad day for me to see them go out, a grief settled over my heart for all they had to do was to come and humbly talk to me, face to face, and the situation could have been averted. Hardness of heart is such a destructive thing, callous, careless and demanding their will be done in my life and then trying to curse me to their will through getting others to agree with them and then “praying” for their will. Conversation avoids all of that, reaches into areas that cannot be touched unless a word is spoken, added too, redesigned, rotated, peered at from the other side or a different angle … anyway, we are all born with a certain amount of these godly attributes in our hearts and it is our choice as to whether or not they come alive and have a fullness in us and radiate out in our actions. Chose life giving attributes, selfishness destroys not only yourself but others as well, I have one church hound and pursue my life that I have only visited just to see what they where up to, suddenly they where in every aspect of what I wanted to do and even infected relationships that I was to have down the track, polio virus crippling, destroying beauty and purity of connection by their obsession with who I am created to be.  Ask God to search your heart, to purify it from any unclean motive, and repent of it, for God is the same today as He was yesterday and if wickedness continues to increase in the manner it has done then we will have the atomic bomb prophesied just to end sin or the continuance down a wrong path. God does not send us to hell, we chose to go by our own actions and unrepentence that will immediately set us once again under the law of sin and death, it is sin we that have self justified ourselves in that condemns us … no darkness can be near God, if we chose to retain it and remain hardened in it then we cannot get near God, Jesus paid the full price when He said it is finished, cover your sin with the blood of the Lamb and seek earnestly for forgiveness … chose today – will your heart be alight with generosity? humility? kindness? liberty? Revelation 2:23b “…and all the churches will know [without any doubt] that I am He who searches the minds and hearts [the innermost thoughts, purposes]; and I will give to each one of you [a reward or punishment] according to your deeds” Amplified

Genesis 6:5   The Lord saw that the wickedness (depravity) of man was great on the earth, and that every imagination or intent of the thoughts of his heart were only evil continually. Amplified

What kind of Diamond do you want to be? A Godly one or a piece of coal …



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