Heart pursuit

IMG_0839It is an interesting gift seeing people in the spirit realm, to see what their hearts are like, you listen to some and they are optimistic about what is in the intents and desires of other people and are always looking for the good.  I actually used to be one of those, looking for any aspect of Christ Jesus that I could exalt in each individual that I encountered, especially churched people.  To my great shock and horror and amazement the prophetic words that where spoken made them desire to own and dominate me and instead of them drawing nearer to Jesus Christ it made them want to draw nearer to me.  How silly is that? What can I do for them that they chased after a fallible person who will just let them down in the greatness and falseness of their expectations of my carrying them through to eternity. Did I die on the Cross for these people? Was my blood shed?  I asked the Father once whether I should have the public Billy Graham style ministry that they where trying to force upon me and He said a resounding NO.

The vision given with that NO was that people would run around Jesus Christ if He was standing at the door so great is their delusion that knowledge would save them, just that little bit more knowledge and then they would be perfected … just a few more bites off the tree of knowledge of good and evil and then they would “get it”, what ever that “it” was that they where chasing … seriously do not chase people, Chase hard after Jesus Christ, His example for us was to do what the Father was doing “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face and the things of the earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace” make that your choice change the words into a statement of faith, “I turn my eyes upon You Lord, I look full in Your wonderful face …” make it a personal choice.  The moment that I can call myself truly a Christian was when I decided with firmness in my heart and an absolute resolute dedicated decision to follow Jesus Christ no matter what, out of that I cannot follow man, I have no interest in the ideas that come out of the businesses that are currently called church. David took a census and was rebuked by God, we take church building programs and forget the author and perfecter of churches .. to build a church do the greater works that Jesus did, raise the dead, heal the sick, bless the poor of spirit and mind and soul, listen to how the Father wants to treat those you encounter in the natural and then do it …

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