Vessel …

As a new Christian I was acknowledged and released as an Intercessor. The first time I was asked to use that gift in a church setting was at an altar call for those that desired healing. When I stood behind the lovely lady who had come up to encounter the will of heaven for her life, my pray to the Father was, “I know I am a sinner saved by grace alone but I ask thaIMG_0872t Your Holy Spirit flow through me to the very best outcome for this woman You love, In Jesus Name” … He was so longing to touch this person in a new and profound way that as soon as my prayer was spoken He flowed through me like a blue revelatory lightening bolt and settled upon her so powerfully that she instantly dropped to the ground and was surrounded and infilled by Him for at least half an hour … what an amazing blessing for me to see His love move so wondrously in her life, the joy I had that always manifests at such times for me was mine, what God can do is so much greater than we can even guess or understand so much so that He would use such an imperfect vessel for that love to travel through … it is such a privilege to be His servant in the lives of those around us, the benefits are too innumerable to share, truly, if you are down and worried about your life, go pray for someone else, bless them, request that the Father use you as His vessel also, oh the joy … I have heard many people state that their relationship with Jesus Christ is a personal one, meaning that there is no outward evidence of that relationship towards other people and this is such a sad statement for me to hear, how can you love Jesus Christ and not desire that He manifest through you to the greater works that He called you too ? Love in Christ Jesus to those that think in this manner, but start living in a fullness, the second command was to love our neighbour as ourselves, if we where in chains, physical, spiritual, emotional etc, would you not want to be set free by someone who loves fully and through the Holy Spirit in the Name of Jesus for the glory of the Father … Make the same choice, allow Him to flow through you, Peter drew 4000 people in one meeting to a knowledge of the fullness of the Fathers love for them causing them to come alight and shine with the beauty of who they are in Christ Jesus. The consequence of having that light is a chasing out of any darkness of soul – malice, hatred, bitterness, slander, all the consequences of these sins and others like them becoming a new creation, birthed of the Spirit, water and blood (1 John 5) and with all that hinders gone, they can actually be themselves, becoming who the Father intended them to be before the fall of mankind …

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