Prophetic words

IMG_0994How many of us long to hear a Prophetic Word from God through His gifted children but when we do why do they fail at times? Isn’t the word of God – Yes and Amen? 1 Corinthians 1:20 says “any as are the promises of God, in Christ they are [all answered] “Yes.” ” Amplified. Again in other parts He affirms His arm is not short to fulfill what He has Promised, the Fathers promises to Moses are evidence of His authority in Numbers 11:20 …“Is the Lord’s hand (ability, power) limited (short, inadequate)? You shall see now whether My word will come to pass for you or not.” Amplified. What qualities does
it take to have the Word and Will of heaven come to pass in our lives? Or is it automatic, He spoke and His word is self fulfilling even if He spoke through a fellow believer? There are so many intricately linked aspects of the Prophetic word that it seems if one aspect of it fails then the rest fall down also. Humility, godliness, holiness, righteousness, unselfishness, fearlessness, faith, trust – in other words total reliance on His abilities through us rather than on our own selves and abilities.  The bible says that if we are guilty of one sin then we are guilty of them all, thank you Father for grace that allows us to overcome, but in that intricate interlacing of these attributes we can lose out through our own choices, the word can die. There have been a number of instances when the Father shared a word through me to another and the end result was not humility but pride to the point that the person concerned decided that they where so important that they had the right to take over my life, wisdom would have been to come and talk to me about their plans, but they just set about trying to curse me to their will and fantasies. The word that was spoken can have some redemptive aspects if we chase out the sin that hindered them in the first place. The revelations that God brings can also rise up in others a jealousy and covertness rather than joy over what the Father desires to do through another, Cane killed Abel with such motives in his heart, as can someone else’s vision and dreams and words spoken over them from heaven if those around them IMG_0839cannot rejoice with them and know that the God we serve is not so small as to give one such great promises and not to another faithful servant. He loves you too and will flow through you just as He will any one who believes we are created to do the greater works than He did  because He has gone to be with the Father. We have His shed blood to overcome sin with … and the blood of the Lamb cleanses us from all sin in all its forms and manifestations, and He died for the sin of the world, not just yours or mine but everything that can affect the earth for “evil” or missing the mark of being able to “live” perfectly which is all that evil means. So, the next time someone gives you a Prophetic Word cover it, protect it, receive it with humility and joy that the Father will use you in co-laboring with Him to bringing the will of heaven to the earth in the manner that is suited to your unique individuality, not the same as any one else on earth, you are the only you here.

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